A Helpful Guide To Buying RFID Key Cards Online (2024)

The hotel industry has come a long way from where it once was a couple of decades ago. And thanks to technological advancements in just the last few years, things have become more efficient for hotel staff and guests.

That said, one of the newest technologies in the space is the RFID key card. These cards enable hotel guests to effortlessly gain entry to their rooms by merely placing the key card against a sensor on the door of their room. The sensor scans the card instantly to verify authorization and unlocks the door.

As a hotelier looking to keep guests coming through the door, you must keep up with advancements in the space. After all, better systems translate to better customer experience and, consequently, more business.

So, it’s a good idea to upgrade to RFID key cards. But where and how can you get these key cards? Here’s a guide to everything you need to know when making your purchase:

Where Can You Buy Your RFID Lock and Key Cards?

RFID Key Card
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There are online suppliers specializing in RFID locks and key cards online. That means you don’t have to go to a physical store to make your order. Instead, you have them shipped to you.

But how exactly does this work?

  • Find a key card supplier: Many options are available depending on your needs.
  • Choose your lock system: Various reputable lock systems are available in the market. So, you want to make sure the supplier you pick specializes in your type of system.
  • Customize: Specify any features you want added to the card on the order form. This can include your unique branding and colors. The supplier will design your cards according to specifications.
  • Order: Complete your order and wait for the key cards to be shipped to your address.

Features to Consider When Choosing an RFID Key Card Provider

Like any other product or service, getting excellent quality starts with finding the right supplier. Basically, you want to find a seller who meets the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with all lock systems: You want to find a seller who has varied experience with different lock systems and has key cards to fit your specific lock.
  • Superior quality cards: higher quality cards not only look and feel classy but also work better and last longer. So, you might spend more initially for quality but save in the long run.
  • Fast turnaround: How long a supplier takes to design and ship key cards also matters. Ready-made cards should be shipped in 2 or 3 days. As for custom-made cards, a few weeks should do.
  • Factory prices: Pricing is also important when considering an RFID key card supplier, especially if you are on a budget. Since you are buying in bulk, small variations can add up. To get the best deal, go for a supplier offering factory prices.
  • Free or discounted shipping in your area: shipping costs can add up to the total cost of your order. But the good thing is not all suppliers charge hefty shipping. You can get free or discounted shipping for orders reaching a specific number.

Why Choose RFID Key Cards?

Why Choose RFID Key Cards
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With so many lock options in the market, it can be difficult to tell which option is best for you. So, here are a couple of advantages of going for RFID key cards for your establishment:

Better Security

An enhanced approach to security is one of the top benefits of an RFID system. Compared to most options in the market, these locks are a lot more challenging to tamper with.

Clearance can be given, for instance, when an employee needs access and can just as quickly be revoked. This makes it quite difficult for users to abuse the card.

Moreover, customer information stored on the card is protected from bad actors. So you don’t have to worry about putting your guests and their sensitive details at risk.

Greater Convenience

These key cards are super convenient for both staff and guests. Unlike keys, which can be bulky, a key card is slim and can easily fit in a wallet or purse, along with other cards. And for employees, these cards can be worn around the neck for easy, quick access when on duty.

Plus, with key cards, you can just generate a new one for a new guest. This saves you the stress of having to keep up with traditional keys, which are notorious for getting lost.

Versatile and Easily Customizable

Now, an RFID key card typically comes in a standard size and shape. But that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it. Depending on your vendor, you can choose your design, color, and branding.

All this adds a unique touch to your hotel service and can make your guest’s stay memorable.

You can get more creative by having a special message on the card, too. All in all, you’re definitely not stuck with one style or color when it comes to key cards. You can personalize as much as you want!

Cost Savings in the Long Run

Door Access System
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Traditional keys, while cheap, can be costly with time. You see, it’s easy to unknowingly lose or lock keys in the room. When this happens, you must get a locksmith to open the door and provide a key replacement.

This will no doubt be expensive, time-consuming, and can even go as far as disrupting business.

Conversely, key cards are easier to replace. Moreover, if you get them in bulk, they are quite cheap. Also, RFID key cards are also quite durable, so you won’t need to buy them often.

Upgrade Your Hotel Room Security Features with RFID Key Cards

The market is undoubtedly filled with different hotel room lock systems. But, RFID key card technology stands out as the most cutting-edge, providing greater convenience and security.

If you have installed this system in your hotel and need to buy key cards in bulk at an affordable price, find a reputable seller online.