Are Housing Prices Going Down in New Hampshire?

Are you thinking about moving to New Hampshire? If yes, then you should consider moving soon. The state has some great things going for it, especially if you are thinking of relocating because of job opportunities or family issues.

New Hampshire ranks highest in job growth, according to U.S. Department of Labor data. In addition, it also scores high in personal freedom, quality of life, and cost of living indices. With these advantages, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to live here.

However, before you pack your bags and move here, you should prepare yourself mentally. Make sure to gather information about the state and its culture before you decide to relocate. This way, you’ll be better prepared to adapt when you get here.

How does the housing market look in New Hampshire? What are the hot spots? Are they affordable? How much are homes selling these days?


The housing market is quite dynamic and changes over time. With real estate markets across the country showing signs of weakness, now might be a good time to start looking at buying a home. If you’re thinking about selling your current house, maybe now is the time to get out while you can afford to. Or perhaps you want to move into a new place after renting for a long time. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to look at your options.

So far, the market has shown no signs of slowing down, and experts expect it to continue upward. And although it feels like it’s not a buyer’s market anymore, that doesn’t mean you should stay away from home ownership altogether. Now is the right time to invest some savings into buying a beautiful property in NH. We recommend you to look for some Hanover NH luxury real estate where you can find some interesting homes. There’s still a chance you can benefit from a dip in property values. Keep reading to find out exactly why.

If you are thinking about whether this region is the right one for you and your family, we have prepared for you several reasons why you should decide on this step.

Friendly neighborhood and education system

If you want to live in a place where people treat each other nicely, you should consider moving to New Hampshire. The residents here are friendly, welcoming, and open to newcomers. People are generally happy and optimistic about their future. It is a great place to raise children. Homeschooling is legal here. There are no restrictions on childcare centers, pre-schools, or daycare facilities. Most of these centers are run by churches. Parents who work outside the home don’t need to worry about finding quality child care. Many schools provide after-school programs that are free or subsidized. Public education is free at all levels. Since the state doesn’t charge tuition to attend university, schools here are highly competitive.

Low cost of living


When purchasing a home in NH, you’ll notice the lower cost of living right away. Homes are relatively affordable and you’ll find great deals throughout the state. You’ll save money on real estate taxes and enjoy low utility rates. Utilities can get expensive in some parts of the country including California and New York. In New Hampshire, however, utilities are cheap and not much different from other states. If you own a home here and plan to sell, you could make a tidy profit in just a few years.

Beautiful landscapes

You won’t find a dull moment while exploring the state. Whether you choose to visit its numerous parks or take a trip outside of town, you’ll never run out of things to do. There are miles of hiking trails, beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and beaches. So whether you enjoy the outdoors or simply relax around the pool, you’ll always feel at peace while exploring New Hampshire.

Affordable real estate prices


Homes tend to be less costly than homes in other states. They often cost less than half as much as homes in California or Washington state. Don’t let the beauty of the area fool you, New Hampshire houses are worth considering. As mentioned before, you can make quite a bit of money if you decide to sell your home in the future. Plus, the housing market isn’t incredibly inflated. You’ll rarely see price increases of more than 10% in any given year. Compare this to other states that have experienced higher price hikes.

When buying a house in New Hampshire, you have a variety of things to consider. You need to think about location, layout, amenities, size, style, and price. All of these factors play a role in determining what type of property you’ll end up with.


Buying a home in New Hampshire doesn’t just mean you’re buying a house, it means you’re investing in your future. Location is an extremely important factor when choosing a house – not only does it determine how accessible your neighborhood is to public transportation, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, etc., but it also determines how close you are to your desired career path. If you’re interested in attending school in Boston, proximity to the college district is critical, whereas if you plan to move out of New Hampshire soon, you probably don’t care as much whether your house is located in Concord.



Depending on how many people will occupy your household, you might want to consider purchasing a bigger house rather than a smaller one. A larger house gives you more space to go around, especially if you have children or pets. Conversely, if you live alone, a small apartment could suffice.


There are certain styles of homes that are popular in each town across the state. For example, traditional Cape Cod houses can be found in coastal towns like Portsmouth and Newport. Craftsman bungalows can be seen throughout the Pioneer Valley, while Colonials are scattered throughout the White Mountains region. These are just a few examples of the various types of homes you can expect to find in New Hampshire.


Finally, consider the price that you’re willing to pay for your home. Do you have a budget in mind for your purchase? Keep in mind that you’ll likely get more value for your money if you purchase a well-maintained home instead of one that needs extensive repairs.

Although the real estate market is still suffering the consequences of the crisis that affected the whole world, there is still hope that everything will return to normal. Although we don’t know what the future holds, the best decision would be to invest in real estate right away. I hope this article has helped you make the decision as to whether or not you should invest in buying a home in NH right now.