Valentine’s Day Is Knocking: Top 7 Things You Can Do For Your Partner To Take Them To Cloud Nine

The season of love is knocking on the door, and it is the time when you seek to profess love and spread the touch of care and compassion. Also, it is the time when you care about your partner and look to be each other’s Magi to keep your love blooming.

Therefore, you need to put words into action and show your love through effort. This can help you ignite the old love and let it become sweet like wine. Otherwise, you can start a new chapter with purity and promise. So, the question arises: Do you know what things you need to do for them?

If you are scratching your head, then you can move your hands to the next part. We have got you covered. In the next part, we will discuss some things you can do for your lover.

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Eventually, you can create or relieve some brilliant moments all around. This will surely take your partner to cloud nine.

So, kindly shift your focus over to the next part and let the sound of love spread the love all around.

Things To Do For Your Partner To Take Them to Cloud Nine

Things To Do For Your Partner for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, you can do so much for your partner to make them feel special and loved. The effort you put into the gifts or gestures will reflect your love for them. Also, it will ensure that your love and care for them stays intact. You can use the Gift of the Magi story as a reference to showcase compassion to your partner.

Unlike that, here are a few things that you can do for your partner to make their special and thrilling –

Create A Movie Date In Home

One of the things that you can do is create a movie date in your home where you cook their favorite meal and watch their favorite films. It is a cute gesture, as you have the initiative to spend the whole day and night with your partner. Also, cook for their favorite meals and desserts – thus, it shows their name in your list of priorities.

You can watch The Notebook, Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones’s Diary, etc. The evergreen classic will surely make you giggle, sob, and feel your heart with an overwhelming feeling of love. Also, you will fulfill Kevin’s dream of Valentine’s Day: “Pizza, soda and someone to share it with.”

So, keep your phones and emails off and put Netflix on, take a blanket, tuck yourselves together, and watch movies all day. And yes! Do not forget to eat some pizzas and wine with it.

Here are a few steps that you can add to it –

  • Step 1: Give them a movie card. The ones you see in the theatre, you can give it to your partner and ask them to choose a film.
  • Step 2: Adjust the room light and temperature with beautiful small lights around the room. This will create an ambiance.
  • Step 3: Give them a movie gift box, which will contain a movie t-shirt, mugs, and some pictures of both of you.

In short, you will create a memorable date and sing songs for days to come. In addition, you will be increasing the bonding between you and your other partner. This will further reflect better on the development of your children.

Create A Couple Adventure Trip

Couple Adventure Trip 

Another interesting thing you can add to the list is an adventurous trip to the Northern lights. February is the best time to see the Northern lights. The sky lights up with bright green lights, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Hence, under the beautiful, you can propose to your partner for marriage. There will be no substitute for such an ambience, and it definitely takes them to cloud nine.

For this, you can visit Iceland, which is the best place to see Aurora Borealis. Besides, there is Alaska, Norway, and Greenland, where you can see green lights all over the sky. You can book a cottage and spend the night just watching the sky change its shades of color.

With that being the main focus, you can also plan some activities to spice up the adventure –

  • The question game: One person starts by asking any random question, and when the other person finishes it, they can do the following to the other person.
  • Play truth and dare: It is a classic game. You can unearth many secrets and do some brilliant pranks on your friends and family.
  • The Never Have I Ever game: Never Have I Ever is an interesting game; it will help you to know your partner. Furthermore, you will get some ideas for their birthdays and next Valentine’s Day.
  • Go cycling through the woods: Cycling through the woods will help both of you to experience the lush green beauty and calmness of nature.

This surely makes your Valentine’s Day full of fun and activities. Lastly, you can also add a special Spa day in the mix, which can help people relax properly. Also, it will enable you to keep the worries of the world out of the way.

A Trip To Memory Lane

A Trip To Memory Lane 

One of the things that you can do for Valentine’s Day is take your partner on a trip to memory lane. For this, you can make a collage of all your old photos and bring them together in one, From the first day you people to the present day, you can create a series of changes your relationship went through.

This will give you a chance to talk about your relationship and the events that took place while clicking the photos. Consequently, there will be immense laughter all around the scene.

In another case, if you have some old wedding videos or videos of your couple’s trip, you can create a film with them. You can edit the videos by adding music or some animation, which will make them even more special.

Moreover, you can also create a documentary by asking your family and friends to participate in it. It will make it the best gift for you, and in that, you can use some old videos of your partner to make it relevant.

Here are a few ways you can display the photographs and play the video –

  • Dedicate a wall where you can put all the pictures together. Frame all the pictures and then add them to the wall one by one. You can also put the pictures in a timeline for your kids and other members to see your relationship through.
  • For the documentary, you can play it in your partner’s restaurant and bring all your family and friends. This way, you can make them feel special.
  • You can also create a personalized gift where you can keep all the photos and collages and where you can add a handwritten letter. You can write a poem for your partner, which will take your partner to cloud nine.

Virtual Game Night

Video Game as a Couple

This is the one for modern couples who are into video games. As we are entering the GenZ world, today, young men and women play games on their computers and smartphones. Therefore, you and your partner can plan for a game night on Valentine’s Day.

It will surely keep the competitiveness between the partners alive and enjoy the night through laughing and giggling.

This is the best way to keep your relationship healthy and do things that are fun and exciting. Therefore, you can visit Twitch and buy some of your favorite games. From FIFA to Call of Duty, you can choose anything you like. Also, there are some classic old-school games like Counter Strike and Super Mario, which are popular games.

Therefore, you need to buy a PS5 or XBOX to play games properly and have a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, there is a way to make the night even more exciting. Here are a few tweaks you can do –

  • You can add a big screen in the room or choose a projector where you can play the game on the big screen and enjoy the scene.
  • In addition, you can decorate the room with different lights, as you see in many live-streaming videos. Hence, it will enable you to play easily and have some fun.
  • Lastly, you need to invest in quality pillows and blankets to make yourself relaxed and cosy. Don’t forget, you also need to look for some good-quality furniture.

Disclaimer: Remember to add some flowers to the room, a bouquet comprising roses, lilies, and so on. This will make the gift even more special and beautiful.

Gifting A Pet To Your Partner

Gifting A Pet To Your Partner 

When you give someone, it is making special efforts for your partner. Hence, you will see relationship counselors talking about gestures and efforts that come from gifting beautiful things to your partner. It helps to keep the relationship fresh and healthy.

Therefore, you can gift your partner their favorite pet for the coming Valentine’s Day. Pets can promote good mental health and remove immediate loneliness and isolation. Furthermore, it will give you an opportunity to go outside often and socialize with others. In addition, you three can play together, which will strengthen your relationship with your partner.

That is why 68% of American households have pets. It mainly improves heart health and also gives your partner a friend to play with. So, you can gift your partner –

  • A Hamster, which is a low-maintenance pet
  • A Turtle as they are a very friendly pet, chilled and relaxed.
  • Persian Cat, as they are one furry beautiful pet to have in the house
  • Labrador and Beagle, if you are looking for a social animal that will match your energy
  • Even Huskies also come in the same category as Labrador
  • German Shepherd and Rottweiler to match your physical goals

All of these pets will keep the mental health of both partners good and enable you to live life in a better way.

Cooking Dinner Together

Cooking Dinner Together 

Another special thing that you can do together is cooking dinner together. It is a romantic way of staying inside the home on Valentine’s Day.

You can cook your favorite meals and have fun while cooking them. In addition, cooking together has many benefits, like improving communication with your partner. Also, it enables you to focus on little things that you miss out on during a busy schedule.

Therefore, you can take some cooking classes when you are alone and make it a surprise on Valentine’s Day. This will surely make your day even more eventful and make your partner feel even more special.

Traditionally, you can take cooking classes by meeting an expert or simply learn from YouTube. You can find various dishes for Valentine’s Day on the internet.

So, you can plan to cook –

  • Indian dishes like Kebabs and Nuns, and of course Butter Chicken
  • Also, there is Lasagna and Pizza alongside Chicken Roast and Smashes Potatoes
  • Another dish to add to the section is spaghetti carbonara. This classic Italian dish is made for special occasions
  • You can keep the Tomato & mascarpone risotto for supper, which will end the food section beautifully
  • For desserts, you can try Baklava or Brownies to end the dinner on a sweeter note

You can buy the 2013 Staglin Family Vineyard Estate or the 2012 Staglin Family Vineyard Estate for the drinking section. They are one of the fine wine bottles that exist in the USA. So, for a special night, you require a special drink to enjoy and savor the night.

Cloud Nine Should Be The Goal For Special Day

Valentine's Day Date

In the end, we can say that the things mentioned in the above discussion will surely enhance your relationship. Furthermore, with those, you can reignite your old relationship, or you can start a new one in the purest way.

So, follow our lead and enjoy the day with lots of love and care. And yes! Always keep flowers with you, as they best reflect love and compassion. Caio!!