Boston Celtics Shot at the Title in the 2022-23 Playoffs

The 2021-22 season was looking like it was going to be an incredible one for the Boston Celtics, but in the end it was one to forget as they fell 4-2 in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors. However, they did not let their heads drop. The Celtics have played 65 games this season and sit with the second-best record in the NBA, 45-20.

This puts them second in the Eastern Conference just behind the Milwaukee Bucks who, until tow nights ago, when got beaten by the Sixers 133-130, but then won against the Wizards 117-111, at that moment they were on a 16-game unbeaten run.

With the Celtics flying so high again this season with the added fuel of Finals heartbreak, it’s understandable why most sportsbooks and experts have the Celtics as the favorite to go all the way and lift the trophy in June. But, what do the Celtics have that other teams don’t? Today we will be assessing their title credentials and what makes them such a great, well-rounded, exciting unit.

For Celtics fans, this season has been a great time. Multiple 9 game win streaks, and most of their losses have been pretty close run games. The team has been performing well above all expectations, even the expectations of those who expected everything. If you look at things beyond the unit and look towards individual players and their performances, there are a few standout names and that’s what we want to break down today.


To begin with Jayson Tatum, the small forward, has been averaging 30 points per game, including a 41-point game against the Hornets in February, though it may not be worth counting the games against the Hornets as when they faced off in January he put up a jaw-dropping 33 points and 51 points in back to back games on the 15th and the 16th.

One issue the Celtics seem to have is if Jayson is off the mark, they don’t tend to win games. For example, on February 2nd a 106-94 loss to the Suns, Jayson put up 20 points. The fact remains he is only human and even with slight blips in form Jayson is likely a top 3 candidate for regular season MVP!

The next big performer we want to talk about is Jaylen Brown. The shooting guard has been outrageous this season. Averaging 26.5 points per game and putting in just shy of 36 minutes on average. While he hasn’t quite made every game this season he has still been present for 52 of them and is currently having his best scoring season to date. But that isn’t all, he’s averaging 6.9 rebounds per game, 3.3 assists and a steal. Jaylen can do it all and shows everyone why he has been with the Celtics since the 16-17 season. If he can assist the team in claiming that Championship this season after coming so close in 2021-22, he will etch his name in Celtics history.


While the Celtics are currently going through a little bit of a rocky patch by their own standards, we have no doubts in my mind that it won’t last forever and in all honesty, it’s better to get your dips in the form out of the way during the regular season than it is to fall flat at the last hurdle. It’s worth mentioning that the Celtics are currently without Robert Williams III and Malcolm Brogdon who have both played a fair amount of games this season, so when they’re back with a full selection and able to rotate better, they’ll be back flying high again!

With that being said it’s that time again when we take a look at the immediate future. While it may be the case that the Boston Celtics romp to the finals and take home the championship, for now, they need to focus on their next game.

For this one, we have researched and compiled the best odds for you Celtics Fans from some of the top online sportsbooks that will be launching later this week in Massachusetts. If you didn’t know about this, the launch for online sports betting is happening this Friday 10th of March, and there will be plenty of Massachusetts sportsbooks promos and sign-up offers for new players as well, so make sure to note that down in your Calendar. Now let’s jump on over to those odds.

So here’s a list of the top 5 teams and the odds you can get for them. In first place is the Boston Celtics at +260 returning $18, in second place are the Phoenix Suns at +400 which returns $25, third place you have the Milwaukee Bucks which is kind of surprising given they have just been on a 16 game unbeaten run, they can be had at +450 which returns $27.50. The fourth place is the Denver Nuggets are +750 returning $42.50 and in fifth place, there is a tie between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors, both teams find themselves at +1100 returning $60. All returns above are based on a stake of $5!


So Celtics fans, what do we think? How have we been enjoying the season so far? The loss to the Nets wasn’t ideal but a slip-up every now and then is okay right? As long as they don’t make a habit of it. How big a part do you think the finals loss has played when it comes to spurring the team to go one step further this season?

Conversely, how much do you think a loss in the finals again this season would hurt the team’s mentality and potentially make them crumble moving into the 23-24 season? Personally, we feel like one loss is enough to make you want to go further, but two losses can be absolutely grueling and break you to your core. However, I’m not a professional athlete, and a huge part of being a professional athlete is having a winners mentality.

As for the rest of you basketball fans out there, how are your teams doing this season? Are you one of the lucky ones? A Bucks, Celtics, Sixers, or Nuggets fan? Getting to watch your team fly high? Or are you stuck watching the Rockets or the Pistons propping up their conference? Is there anything you’d like to see a change in your team?

Perhaps the coaching style isn’t the right one for your players? Or rather a personnel change in general? With the NBA Trade deadline closed since the 9th of February, there are no more chances to shuffle things around but, planning for next season specifically, who do you think your team needs to take them to the next level?