Corey Benjamin Net Worth – How Rich Is NBA Ex-Player?

Corey Benjamin is a famous name in the field of basketball. He is currently 43 years and is a retired basketball player. Known to play for the National Basketball Association of Chicago, this player was signed in 1998. Fortunately, he got selected in the first round in 1998 by the club named Chicago Bulls. As of this year, Corey Benjamin net worth can be approximated to be almost three million U.S dollars.

Early Years Of Life

The 43 years old plater was born in February of 1978, specifically on the 24th. Although nothing particular is known about his parents, we have come across the fact that he has an older brother. What is more interesting is that his older brother played on the same team as he played i.e., Oregon State Beavers.

Corey Benjamin Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Corey Benjamin
Father Name Not Known
Birth Date February 24, 1978
Age 44 years
Source of Wealth Basketball Player
Marital status Married To Tyra Hunt
Height 1.98 m
Net Worth $3 Million
Nationality American

Educational Background

Talking about his education we only know that he went to Fontana High School when he was a kid. Later after graduation, he opted for Oregon State University. It was at this university that he played basketball for the first time. Moreover, he and his older brother played in this team together.

Private life

He is married to Tyra Hunt. They have a daughter together. She is also a player and plays for various clubs. Recently she faced a severe backlash from the fans when her offensive video went viral. In this video, she was seen punching an opponent, immediately after she missed a goal. She missed the goal when she collided with a player from the opposite team, Lauryn Ham.

Unfortunately, Cori is not regretful after her action. later it was revealed that her mother Tyra was involved in this act. A case has been filed against both of them. It was also revealed that her mother said her to hit the opponent. Since then she has been banned from various platforms.

Corey Benjamin during match

Corey Benjamin Career

He initially started playing basketball on his university team, but it was not on the professional level. He started his professional career in 1998 when Chicago Bulls signed him to the team in the first round of selection. It marked the day when he started to play for the National Ball Association.  This contract lasted for about three seasons. Later he was drafted by Atlanta Hawks.

He was drafted for a 20-day contract. Apart from the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks, he also played for the Italian basketball team named Sutor Montegranaro. At that time the Italian team was a novice. Similarly, he played for another development team of the National Basketball Association, named North Charleston Association for the year 2004 to about 2005.

Following the in-country player, he went abroad to play. First, he flew to France where he played for the Chalonnias, for the year 2004 to 2004. Later he went to China, to play for Xinjiang Flying Tigers. There he played for the Chinese Basketball federation.

Following the two international trips, he went to Latin America to play for the professional club belonging to the Venezuelan basketball federation. He played there for a time slot of two years between 2005to and 2007 in the Venezuelan Liga Professional de Baloncesto. He returned to Europe in 2006, after which he joined the team Lisbon. Before his retirement, he played his last international game in Korea (South), for the Daegu Orions.

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Corey Benjamin FAQs

How Many Kids Does Corey Benjamin Has?
Benjamin has two daughters Cori and Legacy. Both of the girls are known as Benjamin Ballers on social media with a good and active fans following.
Why Does A Case Filed Against Corey Benjamin Daughter Cori?
Cori and Legacy are the daughters of Corey Benjamin. Cori is also a basketball players. She plays for clubs and hope to be NBA in the future. A case filed against her because she assaulted opponent player during a match.
What Is The Name Of Corey Benjamin's Wife?
His wife name is Tyra Hunt. A case filed against her and her daughter Cori in California. Tyra was giving instructions to her daughter to hit the opponent player during a match.
Who Is Corey Benjamin Famous For?
Corey is a basketball player. At the age of 43 years, he got retired as the basketball player. He was signed in 1998 National Basketball Association of Chicago.

Corey Benjamin Net Worth

Corey played for various national as well as international clubs through out his career. And during these games he earned a fortune. Today Corey Benjamin net worth is of about three million U.S dollars. He can live a luxurious and a comfortable life with this much of a fortune.