Managing Risk and Fraud in Your Online Pokies Business: Best Practices for Success

Slot machines, or Pokies as they are popularly known in Australia, are one the most popular recreational gambling games in Australia. Traditionally Australians would visit the traditional Casinos Down Under to bet on their favorite game. But today, with the digital revolution, Pokie machines have become easily accessible online.

So if you want to enjoy a game of Australian Pokies, you can bet and have fun from the comforts of your home.

Online Casinos offer several advantages for the players. They use the latest technologies and offer great bonuses. Yet they also suffer from multiple challenges.

The Most Common Types Of Risk That An Online Poker Business Faces


Misuse Of Bonus Money

One of the primary reasons why online Casinos have become very popular is because they give lucrative offers to their customers. Offers are given in the form of extra spins in the machine or bonus money deposited in the account of players. It is expected that the bonus money will be used to play more games, and the Casino will profit when players play more.

However, when a scammer offers multiple accounts using false credentials, then the profits of the Casino can take a hit. A scammer can open hundreds of accounts at a given time, and they can withdraw the bonus amount without playing any game on the Casino’s website.

Credit Card Abuse

Many credit cards have a fraud prevention mechanism wherein if you report that a particular transaction was carried on fraudulently, then the recipient has to return the money. Many scammers use this credit card fraud prevention mechanism to their advantage.

They initially place bets with their credit cards, and if they lose, they report that they have lost their credit cards. So if these fraudsters have lost money and they owe the money to the online Casino, they can simply report that their card was lost. And so, the transaction at a gambling site was not done by them.

Using Stolen Credit Cards


Online gambling sites provide quick rewards. This means that if you win something, the payout can get credited in a matter of a few hours or days. If a fraudster has gotten hold of someone else’s credit card, he can register with a gambling site, play a few games and disappear with the money that he wins.

Phone Top-Up Abuse

Many online sites use phone top-up-based services. So the players can use their phone-based wallet to top up their gambling accounts. Fraudsters use phishing and social engineering to beguile unsuspecting customers. Scamsters ask naive customers to send the money into their personal account instead of the Casino’s authentic account.

So these are some of the most common risks that an online Pokies game faces. Online Casinos owners take several steps to prevent fraud and ensure that their reputation and the money of the customers are safe.

Some Common Steps Taken To Prevent Frauds At Online Pokies Business

Regulating The Withdrawal Of Bonus Amounts

Most online Casinos have some tough conditionalities when it comes to withdrawing the bonus amount in order to prevent bonus abuse.

So if you wish to start an online pokies business, you must lay conditions like paying the bonus only after a deposit is made. So if a person deposits fifty dollars, you can offer to give a 100% bonus. That means the players will be able to play with hundreds of dollars after receiving the bonus.

Again, make some rules regarding the games in which the bonus amount can be spent. Make sure to include those games where the house has a higher edge so that your business will also have a chance of making money.

Use Identity Verification Services


One of the most common ways in which fraudsters rob online casinos is by opening multiple accounts with false credentials to gain multiple bonuses or multiple chances of winning a game.

So in order to prevent one person from operating with multiple accounts, you can take the help of identity verification software. Data like IP addresses, geolocation of persons etc., can be used to find out whether multiple accounts belong to the same person or not.

Use Of Fraud Prevention Software

Software that can prevent online fraud by keeping a tab on the user’s activity can flag suspicious accounts. So if a particular account is winning way more frequently than what is normally possible, then the software can flag such accounts.

One common technique used to spot malicious accounts is browser fingerprinting. This technique allows the software to track the browser history even when someone uses a VPN or is in incognito mode.

Asking For Multiple Factor Authentication


You can ask the players to authenticate their phone numbers, email etc. Usually, a person can easily make multiple accounts. But, when you ask for multiple-factor authentication, the fraudsters get caught as it is difficult to get multiple phone numbers, email ids, multiple IP addresses etc.

Making The Users Aware

When you run an online pokies business, you and your customers can all get scammed. So you must make your users aware of the vulnerabilities of the system and how they can protect themselves.

So if the users are suspicious that a particular account is winning way too frequently, they should be able to report that account.


An online pokies business in Australia can be a highly profitable venture, given the massive popularity of these machines. However, when you start a new business venture, you must know about the potential scams that your business is susceptible to.

Any online gambling site faces challenges like dealing with multiple fake accounts, misuse of bonus money etc. However, if you are vigilant, you can minimize these risks to a great extent.

As the owner of an online pokies business, you must take the help of identity verification and fraud prevention services. Also, it is crucial that you make your customers aware of the ways in which fraudsters work so that your genuine customers are happy and your money is secure.