UEFA Champions League 2024 Preview: A Look at the Contenders and Underdogs

The UEFA Champions League is the world’s most-awaited and prestigious club football event. The top teams from throughout Europe have assembled to compete for the ultimate prize of continental champions. Top contenders and underdogs are clashing against each other to prove their worth and to take the trophy home.

Additionally, it is also an opportunity for football fans to win money by betting on their favorite teams and players. In this article, you will get insights into the top contenders and underdogs of the S UEFA Champions League 2024.

Top Contenders and Underdogs of the S UEFA Champions League 2024


1. Paris Saint-Germain

Source: lance.com.br

If you are looking for the top contenders for the UFEA cup, then make sure to put the all-time popular team PSG. this team has a high chance to take the champions cup home. They have a strong team with some of the best players in the football community, and an experienced coach to bring their best performance.

PSG has assembled a formidable squad that includes Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe. They are clearly among the fan favorites to win the UEFA cup with these quality players on the same team. If you are looking forward to winning money from predicting in sports, then head on to this website betting NZ to cheer for your favorite team and earn rewards from betting on your favorite teams.

2. Manchester City

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Manchester City is one of the big football clubs that have entertained the audience with formidable unbeatable performances in the past and this season they have a high chance to win the trophy. With players including Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, and Ruben Dias playing together for the same club, there is no doubt the team can win the title and go home with the trophy.

There are other players in the squad including young talents with formidable skills and determination to prove their worth. The club has the strongest team in Europe, making them a tough contender in the tournament.

3. Bayern Munich

The German giants have won this contest six times in the past, making them a consistent competitor. They will be hoping to add another trophy to their collection under the leadership of players like Robert Lewandowski and Joshua Kimmich.

The Germans have always been known to be talented in football and now with such great additions to the team, they are also among the strongest teams to give tough competition to other teams for the UEFA cup.

4. Liverpool

Source: liverpoolfc.com

Liverpool is another strong team that has a high chance of winning the UEFA trophy this season. The football club accounts for winning the trophy multiple times in the past seasons. In addition, when it comes to consistency, the club has proved to defeat many strongest competitors without breaking a sweat.

The squad has some big cards to play this year, including Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino who are known for their skills and experience making them a capable squad to flip the scores even at the last moment. However, the club does have a strong combination of seasoned and young players which makes them one of the top contenders this season.


1. AFC Ajax

The Dutch club has always been one of the most powerful underdog teams in the past. Their squad holds some talented players such as Ryan Gravenberch and Antony who can lead the team toward victory this season. This underdog team can be a tough competition even for the top contenders who are known to be the best in the world. The team holds several records from the past and has the spirit and motivation that make them one of the unbeatable underdogs in the tournament.

2. RB Leipzig

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Another German team that has evolved over the previous few seasons into a formidable underdog. The players in the squad have remarkable skills on the field that have contributed towards reaching the semi-finals in 2020. In addition to that, the team stars players Dani Olmo and Christopher Nkunku who are known as the face cards of this club. Their top performance can even create tough competition for the contenders.

3. FC Porto

If you are looking for underdog teams to look out for this season, FC Porto may have some excellent players in the squad. The club has won the Champions League once in the past and has proved to be one of the most deserving underdogs that can face the top contenders with their strong defense strategy. Furthermore, despite the team’s lack of big star players in comparison to other popular clubs, the knack for victory makes this team motivated to face the competition head-on.

4. Atalanta B.C.

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This year’s Champions League will be one of the most exciting seasons in recent years. With underdog clubs like Atalanta B.C with their aggressive gameplay and attacking strategy till the end can be tough competition for many teams. The team played exceptionally well in 2020 by reaching the quarter-finals. However, there have been many improvements in their gameplay and might have prepared some big surprises this year for the big clubs in the tournament.

5. FC Zenit Saint

This is the champions team from Russia that has both the skills and experience that they need to combine with strategies to win the trophy this year. They have some formidable players and young talents in the team, including their star player Artem Dzyuba. The team hopes to have a significant influence during the group stage and may play some powerful cards this year.

The Bottom-line

In conclusion, the UEFA Champions League in 2024 appears to be the next entertaining football competition, with some of Europe’s best clubs battling for success. With the increasing competition, it’s difficult to predict who will take the trophy home being undefeated this season. While certain teams are unquestionably favorites to win the tournament, other underdogs could spring some surprises. However, it’s bound to be a dramatic, exciting, and memorable competition.