Anna Delvey Net Worth 2024 – How Rich is The Fake German Heiress?

Anna Delvey net worth is estimated to be almost 60 million dollars. She initiated her professional life as a model. With her modeling career, she became a worker in the real estate business and later an interior desander. But she was not famous or renowned at that time. She became famous for the first time when she pretended to be an heiress of German origin.

Soon, they caught her scam, after which she was considered a con artist. But during all this process, she acquired a worth of 60 million dollars. She came to America, and she changed her real name. Her real name was Anna Sorokin. This article will discuss how she acquired fame, money, and property and her background.

Early Years of Life

Her real name is Anna Sorokin, and she was born to a couple in Russia. Her father’s name is Vadim Sorokin, and he was a truck driver at the time of her birth. But now he owns a company. Her mother, on the other hand, is known to run convenience stores. Anna’s date of birth is January 23, 1991. During her early life, she lived in Germany, from where she relocated to New York in her early teens.

Anna Delvey Net Worth & Biography

Full/Real name: Anna Vadimovna Sorokina
Father’s name: Vadim Sorokin
Mother’s Name: Mrs. Sorokin
Birth Date: January 23, 1991
Profession/Source of wealth: Con artist, Model, Real estate worker
Spouse/Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: NA
Relationship/Boyfriend: Todd (her attorney)

Chase Sikorski based Hunter Lee Soik

Siblings: Brother: Yes (Name not known)

Sister: None

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Eyes Color: Black
Anna Delvey’s Net worth: $60 Million
Monthly Income: $500,000
Yearly/Annual Salary: $5 million
Nationality: German, Russian

Educational Timeline

People are highly interested to know about famous and notorious people’s educational backgrounds. This section gives information about the educational timeline and institutes Delvey attended during her life.

She went to a catholic school named Episcopal for her early education. Later, she was admitted to Central Saint Martins School in London. But unfortunately, she dropped out of school. After dropping out of school, she relocated to Paris, where she worked for the first time.

Personal Life

As a con-women, she was never public about any of her issues and other details related to her partners and personal life. But a rumor circulated claiming that she might be dating her attorney named Todd Serek, who was a married man. Consequently, this rumor led to the divorce of that attorney.

Anna Delvey Arrested

Professional Life and Career

If we talk about the career of Anna Delvey, we can say that initially, she worked as a model. She was deeply interested in gaining fame as a model from her childhood. She also went to London to attend Saint Martin’s school and study fashion design, but she dropped out in her first year. She learned a bit about fashion in that one year and later relocated to Paris, where she changed her name from Anna Sorokin to Anna Delvey for modeling.

Moreover, she participated in fashion weeks, and then she relocated one more time. This time she moved to NY as it was easier and cheaper to work from there. Soon she came up with an idea and abandoned her modeling career. She pretended to be a German heiress living in New York and started a foundation for the poor and needy. In the meantime, she was able to befriend some famous people and used the connection to enter exclusive parties. There she was able to fool many other people.

In 2017, she was finally arrested for charges of fraud and felony. She was also accused of utilizing fake accounts to scam hotels and banks. She was sentenced to 4 to 12 years. She was proved guilty of grand theft. After a few years in prison, she was released for good behavior. But she was soon arrested again, and no more details about her were available. But during all this time, Anna Delvey’s net worth reached a whopping sixty million dollars.

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Anna Delvey Twitter

Anna Delvey has 34.1k followers on her Twitter page. She doesn’t have many posts there. Moreover, she last posted on March 14, 2024.

Anna Delvey Instagram

Anna @theannadelvey has 1M followers on her Instagram account id. On her Instagram, she has added a Linktree web URL of her first NFT drop and print drop as well.


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Anna Sorokin FAQs

Who is Anna Delvey?
Anna Delvey is a famous con-women who was born to a Russian couple. She was initially known as a model and a real estate worker, but later she was known as a German heiress who owned a foundation. She was later revealed to be a scam artist and was sentenced to a few years in prison.
Who is the boyfriend of Anna Delvey?
Being a con artist, Anna was never too revealing about her personal life. According to our knowledge, she is currently single and unmarried. But she was rumored to be dating her attorney. The name of the attorney is Todd. But to our surprise, Todd was a family man, and unfortunately, these rumors also led to the couple’s divorce.
What is Anna Delvey's net worth?
Anna Delvey acquired a net worth of whooping 60 million dollars. She earned this money from her acting career and a real estate business. But once she became a con artist, she earned a fortune through scams and theft. She also gets paid for the Netflix series made about her life.
What is the age of Anna Delvey?
Anna Delvey was born on January 23, 1991, in Russia. She holds dual nationality from Germany and Russia. She is 31 years old as of 2024.
What is the height of Anna Delvey?
Anna Sorokina is 1.65 meters tall. Her height in feet is 5′ 5″.
Who is the parents and family of Anna Delvey?
Anna Delvey’s father’s name is Vadim Sorokin. He was a truck driver. At the time he was about to inaugurate a cooling and heating business. In addition, her father is living in Germany. The name and profession of her mother are not known yet.

Anna Delvey Net Worth

Anna Delvey net worth is extremely high owing to her scams and cons. She fooled many high-class people in New York and made them believe she belonged to a wealthy family. She also started a foundation under her name. But soon, she was exposed, and she was proven guilty and sentenced to prison for several years.

Later, when her story was revealed and published in a newspaper, a producer made a Netflix series on it. Some amount of Anna’s income also comes from this series. The series’s name was Inventing Anna, and Julia Garner depicted her role.