Gautam Adani Net Worth 2024 – Family, Income, Salary & Bio

Gautam Adani net worth at this moment in the year 2024 is almost one hundred twenty-two billion dollars. He is extremely famous in India. But people outside the Asian premises may not know him. For those who do not know him, let us introduce him briefly. Gautam Adani is an Indian businessperson. Apart from being a businessperson, he is also a philanthropist. In this list of the world’s richest people, he is currently number 5. He passes Warren Buffet some time ago to gain this position.

Also, he initiated a single business, and then slowly and gradually he made his mark in the field of mining, energy, defense aerospace, resources, airports, logistics, and mining. But this is just a brief introduction, there is still a lot to be discovered. If you want to know more about his lifestyle, personal and professional life, education, his principle behind success, and his other major to minor details, read the article below.

Early Years of Life

Gautam was born to a businessperson named Shantilal Adani and his wife Shanti Adani. Although his father was a businessperson ye the business was not very large scale. They were a middle-class family. He is one out of 7 siblings. The name of his eldest brother is Mansukh Bhai Adani. Initially, they resided in the region of Tharad. But, in order to find a good livelihood, they relocated to Ahmedabad in Gujarat. In this way, his childhood passed like a normal middle-class family member.

Gautam Adani income

Gautam Adani Net Worth, Wiki, & Biography

Full Real Name Gautam Adani
Father’s Name Shantilal Adani
Mother’s Name Shantaben Adani
Birth Date 24 June 1962
Birthplace/Hometown Ahmedabad, India
Age 60 years
Profession Infrastructure, Commodities, Entrepreneur
Spouse/Wife Priti Adani
Children (2 Sons) Karan Adani, Jeet Adani
Relationship/Girlfriend NA
Siblings Vinod Adani, Mahasukh Adani, Rajesh Shantilal Adani, Vasant S. Adani
Height 5 feet 6 inches

167 cm

1.67 m

Eyes Color Black
Ethnicity Indian
Gautam Adani net worth $220.2 Billion US dollar
Gautam Adani net worth in Indian ruppes 17,745,747,600,00 in INR
Monthly Income/Salary 15000 Crore + (in rupees)
Yearly/Annual Income $8 B to $10 Billion (Approx.)
Nationality Indian

Educational Qualification Timeline

As far as his schooling is concerned, he went to a normal school located near his residence. The name of the school was Sheth C N Vidyalaya School (Ahmedabad, Gujarat). Later he went to join Gujarat University. There, he took admitted to Bachelor of Commerce. It was in the second year that he dropped out of the degree. Unfortunately, he dropped out but was not a failure. He worked hard and made his way up to the richest people in the world. His education and his skills paid off.

Gautam Adani’s Personal life Days

Personal life is an intriguing chapter of an individual’s life. Surely everyone is interested to know about the personal life of people around them. People also want to know about the personal life of Gautam Adani. Gautam is married to a dental surgeon named Priti Adani. Now, she is not only the wife of Gautam but also manages the foundation of Gautam Adani which is named Adani foundation. Priti is a very dedicated person in every role of her life. She is also the Managing Trustee in Adani Group of Companies. Together they have two children named Karan Adani and Jeet Adani.

image of Gautam Adani with his family

Professional Life and Career

Gautam Adani was born in a family where his father was a businessperson. He has his own textile business. Like all fortunate youngsters, he could have agreed to continue and work with his father and maintain an already successful business. But on the contrary, he was ambitious and wanted to initiate a business of his own. And somehow, he started off as an entrepreneur. But, there is a whole story behind this success. Initially, he moved to Mumbai and worked for Mahindra’s brother. He sorted diamonds. Later he opened his very own diamond brokerage.

In addition, it was a few years later, in 1981 that he was called by his brother Mansukhbhai Adani. He wanted Gautam to manage the plastic unit that he imported. In this way, Gautam was introduced to PVC imports. E laid the foundation of Adani exports in 1988 and imported plastic for small industries. Soon, he also started importing textiles and metals.

Gautam Adani Controversies

Being a rich man, he was accused to support Narendra Modi. It was claimed that he provided chartered planes during the rallies of the election campaign of Narendra Modi in 2014.

SS of Gautam Adani & his wife Priti Adani

Gautam Adani Cars Collection, Bikes & Private Jet

  • Limousine
  • Ferrari
  • BMW
  • 3 private jets (Hawker, Embraer Legacy, Bombardier Challenger)

Real Estate, House, And Apartment

Gautam has many properties in different places. Also, in Ahmadabad, he has a bungalow. Moreover, he has many commercial residences and complexes as well.

Address of Gautam Adani House, Ahmedabad

  • Lutyens, Nerad Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India. Zip code: 110030
  • Adani House, Near Mithakhali Crossing, Navrangpura

Gautam Adani Twitter

Adani Gautam has more than 684K, active followers, on his official Twitter account page. Only, he is following 64 persons including the former prime minister of India Narendra Modi (PMO Modi).

Gautam Adani Instagram

He has 125k followers on his official Instagram id with 28 posts and 4 followings. While on the other hand, Gautam Adani has 111k followers on his Adani Group “@AdaniOnline” insta account with 766 posts related to his business.


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FAQs About Gautam Adani

Who is Gautam Adani?
Gautam Adani is an industrialist and philanthrope who is not only the world’s 5th richest person but is also the founder of a conglomerate. He hails from Gujarat (specifically from the region of Ahmedabad, India). Also, he works along with his wife Priti Adani who is particularly responsible for leading the foundation which is named after Gautam as Adani foundation.
Was Gautam Adani always on 5th rank among the richest individuals in the world?
No! Gautam Adani was once on the second rank on the list of richest individuals. But unfortunately, his shares dropped drastically due to some reason. Consequently, his rank decreased, and he reached the 5th rank.
What is the net worth of Gautam Adani?
Gautam Adani net worth is estimated at almost $122.2 billion US dollars. He is an entrepreneur and has earned this money from his slow and gradual progress. In addition, he worked hard and gained enormous respect as well as monetary benefits.
What is the philosophy on which Gautam works?
Gautam is an entrepreneur. He is the first entrepreneur of his generation, and he has a basic philosophy on which his actions are based. This philosophy is named Growth with Goodness.
What is the age of Gautam Adani?
Gautam Adani was born on 24th of the June in the year 1962, in Ahmedabad, India. According to proper calculations, he is 60 years old at the present. At this age, his net worth clearly depicts his struggle and hard work.
Who is the CEO of Adani Ports and SEZ Limited (APSEZ)?
The CEO of Adani Ports and SEZ Limited (APSEZ) is Karan Adani who is the elder son of Gautam Adani. Back in 2008, he was listed among “Tycoons of Tomorrow”.
Who is the Son of Gautam Adani?
Gautam Adani has only two sons. Karan Adani and Jeet Adani. Both of them are CEOs and Indian Vice President of the conglomerate Adani Group finance department.

Gautam Adani Net Worth

Gautam Adani has a net worth of almost 122.2 billion U.S dollars. He is an Indian entrepreneur and is now also leading a foundation of his own alongside his better half. At present, he is the fifth richest person in the world. During his lifetime he was once on the second rank but due to some fall in the shares, he was demoted to 5th position which he is still maintaining. He is a guiding star for the young generation specifically those youngsters who which to start a business of their own. He also spends a lot of his worth on his foundation. Although he had the opportunity to pursue the work of his father, he chooses to initiate the work on his own.