Brittany Murphy Net Worth – At The Time Of Her Death

Brittany Murphy was a legendary actress and a renowned singer who belonged to America by birth. For her acting, her first project that was well recognized by audiences was in the project Clueless in the year 1995. This breakthrough role was followed by various supporting roles in movies and films like Bongwater and Freeway. She was seen on the stage for the very first time in A View from the Bridge. It was essentially a Broadway production, produced by Arthur Miller. Later was also seen in the shows like Girl in which she played the role of a girl named Daisy Randone. Besides, she also acted as Lisa Swenson in a project entitled Drop Dead Gorgeous. In this article, we will give a brief overview of her life and her career. Moreover, Brittany Murphy net worth will also be discussed.

Early Years Of Life

Brittany’s full name was Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack and her birthplace is Atlanta (in Georgian jurisdiction), where she was born on November 10, 1977. She was raised by her mother as she belonged to a broken family where she both separated when she was just two years old. The names of her parents were Joseph Bertolotti and Sharon Kathleen Murphy. She had three half-siblings of which two were brothers older than her and a younger sister.

For Brittany to pursue her acting career the family decided to shift to Los Angeles in 1991. Her mother was always supportive, and this led Brittany to express and showcase her talent. She considered her mother to be the crucial person in the journey of her success.

Brittany Murphy Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Brittany Murphy
Father Name Jon Voight
Birth Date 10th November 1977
Age 32 years
Source of Wealth Actress, Singer
Marital status Married to Simon Monjack
Height 1.6 m.
Net Worth $10 Million
Nationality American

Educational Timeline

Brittany attended a high school entitled Edison High School. Later she attended the Verne Flower School of Dance and Theatre Arts which was located in Colonia (New Jersey).

Private life

The thirty-two years old actress got engaged to her manager named Jeff Kwatinetz. Later she was known to date an actor named Ashton Kutcher. But this dating does not last long. Then in December f the year 2005 she was engaged to Joe Macaluso but unfortunately, this engagement did not last long as was finally broken. Followed by this broken engagement murphy married a popular screenwriter of British origin named Simon Monjack just two years before her death.

She had no children.  She died due to Pneumonia. She was a Baptist early in her life as she was raised this way but soon, she became a non-denominational Christian later in her life.

brittany murphy smiling pose in front of camera

Professional Career

Brittany initiated her career at quite young age when she was only 13 years old. Her debut project was A View from the Bridge. This was her first job as an actor in the field.  Later she played a role in the Torkelsons project entitled Almost Home. The name of her character in this project was Molly Morgan.

Apart from the above-mentioned roles, she was also seen making several guest appearances in several different tv series as well as films and movies. Some of these projects are listed as follows: Blossom, Frasier, Parker Lewis can’t Lose, and last but not least Murder One.

She gained popularity with her 2nd feature film named Clueless. Following this film she was offered popularity gaining roles in various projects such as Bongwater and Freeway.  She started her year 200 with Don’t Say a Word. In this project, she played a leading role side by side with Michael Douglas. Besides, she also signed for 8 Miles and Devil’s Arithmetic. Later she acted in various other projects like The Dead Girl, Groomsmen, Spun, Neverwas, and Sidewalks of New York. After that Brittany Murphy net worth raised so much.

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Brittany Murphy Twitter

After her death, Twitter deleted her official account

Brittany Murphy Instagram

After her death, Instagram removed her official account

Brittany Murphy Net worth

Brittany worked a lot until death took her apart. Brittany Murphy earned a net worth of approximately ten million dollars. Indeed, this is quite exceptional for a thirty two year person.

Brittany Murphy FAQs

What was the cause of Brittany Murphy's deaths?
According to the report, Brittany Murphy died due to Pneumonia and multiple drugs intoxication.
When Brittany Murphy died?
She died on 20th December, 2009 due to Pneumonia. She was an American Actors and singer
What was Brittany Murphy net worth at the time of her death?
At the time of her death her net worth was about 10 Million dollar in 2009. That was a handsome amount she was earning at the time.