Carmen Lozano Net Worth – Bio, Age, Education & Career

Briefly describing carmen Lozano is a veteran Mexican actress. Although she is an actress, she also served as a well-known politician. Her roles in the movies such as “Corruption” and “Elisa” are the reason for her popularity and recognition all around the globe. Carmen Lozano Net Worth was in Million of Dollars.

She is well distinguished and popular because of her telenovela roles specifically in the television series Mexico (a series that is particularly produced in the Latin American language is often termed as a telenovela). Some of the most distinguished characters played by Lozano are “Maria Mercedes” & of “Mundo de Fieras”.

Early Years Of Life

Carmen Lozano also named carmen Salinas was born to a soap opera actor named Jorge Salinas Perez Tejada. Her mother’s name was Carmen Lozano Viramontes. She was born in 1939 in the month of October. Her home city is Torreon in the state of Coahuila, Mexico.

Carmen Lozano Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Brittany Murphy
Father Name Mercedes Munoz Sampedro
Birth Date 05th October 1939
Age 79 years
Source of Wealth Actress, Singer
Marital status Pedro Plascencia Ramirez (1956 to 1994)
Height NA
Net Worth $20 Million
Nationality Mexican

Educational Timeline

She was only able to study till primary school. She never got admitted to secondary school.

Personal Life

As far as the personal life of Lozano is concerned, she was married only once. The name of her husband was Pedro Plascencia Ramirez and that was in the year 1956. Together they had three beautiful children named Pedro, Jorge, and Maria. She shared some very beautiful moments with her husband until he died in 1994.

carmen lozano acing pose

Professional Career

She was offered her first role by Ernesto Alonso who was a director of Mexican origin. Her first projects were La vecindad, La Frontera (The Border) & El Chofer (The Chauffeur). The first role offered to her was for a television drama and since then she was seen acting in various television roles.

She was a queen of telenovela roles. In 2006 she was seen performing in another telenovela role. But this time this was a Venezuelan telenovela named as “Mundo de Fieras”. This role became a ladder to her popularity. Even recently, she appeared in a Mexican telenovela. Although she participated and played roles in numerous television dramas and shows, she rose to popularity through her roles in movies. She did about 100 movies since her debut movie in 1967.

Political Timeline

After successfully pursuing her career as an actress she also participated in politics in 2015. She won the seat of a congresswoman in 2015 when she fought an election for Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). She worked as a successful congresswoman from 2015-to 2018.

During these three years as a politician, she worked on two commissions. One was for Radio Television and Health while the other one was for Gender Equality.

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Health Conditions

The 82 years actress was suffering from a cerebrovascular event. According to Gustavo Briones Gonzalez, Lozano’s nephew, in November she was admitted to the intensive care unit in the Mexico hospital. There she received respiratory assistance. Although all of her organs were stable and working but still, she was not able to survive and succumbed. She breathed her last on December 9, 2024.

Carmen Lozano Twitter

Her family is running her twitter account. She has less fans left on her twitter account

Carmen Lozano Instagram

Instagram launched in 2010. As Carmen Lozano died in 2009, she has Instagram account and any other social activities as well.

Carmen Lozano Net Worth

Carmen Lozano participated in various Mexican television projects for about 6 decades, this is why she had a whooping net worth of about $20 millions. She has won over 4 awards. three of these are Premios ACE awards while one of these is the well-known 7 Silver Goddess Awards which was awarded to her by the Journalists of Mexican Cinema. Indeed she was a tremendous actress and gave extremely entertaining acts which were a treat to the viewers and audiences.

Carmen Lozano FAQs

what was the education of Carmen Lozano?
She was not as much educated as other actors. She only able to study till primary. She never went to college for higher studies.
When Carmen Lozano died?
She died in 2009. She died a natural death at her home. She was an actor and politician.