8 Traits You Need to Have to Be an Effective Team Leader

Leadership is the essential quality that determines the course of any organization/ company. There might be an abundance of sources in the hands of an organization, like human resources, technical expertise, marketing materials, an excellent product, etc.

Still, leadership is that fuel that makes everything work and flows at the pace it needs to. Effective leadership will act as a guidepost for the employees to follow, determine the right pace at which one can work, and, most crucially, motivate them to bring out their best potential.

Effective leadership is very much needed when we are faced with uncontrollable calamities and uncertainties in the market. Leadership will not only bring out monetary profits for a company, but it essentially creates value for the work people put in. It drives the individual to invest in the collective effort, inspiring the employees and the world at large.

How To Be A Better Leader?

How To Be A Better Leader
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With the kind of environment we have seen in the last few years, like the covid pandemic, a war cluttering the logistics of the world, and the upcoming depression, companies are now more stressed about developing an active environment that will nurture leaders.

Not only small startups or enterprises even some global conglomerates like Sony are now trying to build strong leadership qualities in their senior leadership, and their exercise in the leadership development NZ chapter is a step in that direction.

But can leadership be learned? Or must it be something that one is born with? These questions have been raging for a long time.

But the studies and experiences of great leaders have consistently proved that one can learn to become an exceptional leader through solid will and practicing the right traits. Here, let us discuss the traits that will help you be an effective team leader.

1. Displaying Confidence

Confidence is the key to any interaction and especially in businesses. A strong leader always displays a bundle of confidence that inspires your team instantly. And showing confidence is also an art. Confidence is more than just the talk; if you are talking big, it will not work. It should be pouring out of you through your non-verbal cues. This will uplift your tea and make you a dependable person.

2. Clear Communication

Clear Communication
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An effective leader will have the power to clearly communicate the goals and tasks of the work, making them understand the job at hand. This is a crucial part of the leadership puzzle because most problems arise from miscommunication.

And communication is two a road, and you must also clearly understand what the other is trying to convey, understanding him and creating a feeling of being heard.

3. Bringing In Ample Positivity

When they walk into the room, great leaders change the whole vibe and turn it into a pulsating atmosphere. This is a distinctive quality of outstanding leadership. A positive mentality should always guide people in leadership positions. It would be best if you built yourself with positive thoughts, as only that will create an excellent working atmosphere.

Always appreciate your employees whenever they do good work, acknowledge their contributions, and give credit when it’s due. This practice will hugely help to build a positive work atmosphere.

4. Integrity

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Many people think that managing and leadership are nothing but manipulating people to come their way, but that’s not true. Instead, being completely honest and showing your integrity will make others understand you better and go with you willingly.

One of the keys to a long-lasting relationship between leadership and the workforce is the trust they have in them. And integrity works as the foundation stone in building this relationship. Even though the truth might be harsh at first sight, the employees will appreciate the honesty more than a sweet lie.

5. Being Empathetic

Empathetic leadership is very hard to find. It is a quality that will transform any organization—being empathetic means having an innate understanding of the situations of every employee. Be it the lowest grade employee to the senior managers, and then use that understanding to guide your company to a responsible position. This quality will steer the company to the right path in troubled times.

6. Decisive In Decisions

Decisive In Decisions
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Effective leadership comes down to how one can make crucial decisions for the company. Sometimes the decisions may take a lot of work to make, and there may be a world of pressures surmounting all around, but not giving in and being decisive in your decisions is the right way to go. Decisiveness will show your conviction by being brave.

7. Having A Strong Vision

A strong vision unites everyone in the company and inspires them to work better. Leadership cannot be attributed to knowing everything, as most of the time, you don’t see the path you have to take or the means you have to use, but a leader should always know where he intends to take, which will drive his will to find everything. It will also be an essential guide for the leader to make the right decisions.

8. Lead By The Front

Lead By The Front
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And finally, the most prominent trait of an effective leader is making everyone follow by leading from the front. Being active through every stage and traveling with the team will boost employee morale. And also, leading by example will improve trust and create a great bond with the company. This is tough to employ, but it always brings out the needed results.


Leadership is something one learns over time. It is a continuous process where you must show up every day and keep growing with your team. And there’s nothing groundbreaking you have to learn, but it’s all about practice. Going on leadership cohorts or workshops will help to gauge where you are and connect with your peers.

Most importantly, leadership is not something you will put on for work and take off afterward. It is the mentality that should be ingrained in you. So, practice everything that suits you, and be the leader you want to be.