Javier Baez Net Worth – How Rich Is Player in 2024?

Javier Baez is a competent as well as an experienced baseball player who belongs to Puerto Rico. In 2011 he was drafted by the Chicago cubs as a result of MLB draft selection. But he did not make a debut till 2014, three years later. He has been awarded the slugger award and has been an all-star two times. At present, he represents show 20 of MLB as a cover athlete. Javier Baez Net Worth calculation in the year 2024 is estimated to be about ten million dollars.

Early Years Of Life

Born in the December of 1992, in Puerto Rico, the actor moved to Florida when he was thirteen. Moreover, he was accompanied by his three siblings, one of which was his sister while the rest were brothers. His mother was Nelida Agosto,  and fathers name was Angel Luis Baez.

His father Luis Baez was an influential part of their lives, and he is the reason why the three of them; Baez, Rolando, and Gadiel, were deeply connected with baseball. It was due to their father that they started to explore sports initially. His father died when he was about ten.

Javier Baez Net worth & Bio

Full Name Javier Baez
Father Name Angel Luis Baez
Birth Date 1st December 1992
Age 29 years
Source of Wealth Baseball Player
Marital status Married to Irmarie Marquez
Height 1.83 m
Net Worth $10 Million
Nationality Puerto Rico

Educational Timeline

Nothing particular is known about his education except that he went to a day school named Arlington country day school in Jacksonville.

Personal Life

He married Irmarie Marquez and has a son named Asrian Javire Baez Marquez.

Body Physic

As far as his physical body measurements are concerned, he is almost 1.829 meters tall with a weight of almost 189.5 pounds. He has light brown to blonde hair coupled with dark brown eyes.

javier baez during match

Professional Career

Before 2011 he played for the minor leagues. He was selected for the first time for the Chicago Cubs in 2011. At that time Chicago cubs were led by Jim Hendry who selected Baez in the very first round. He was ninth according to the overall selection.

He initiated his professional-level career as a rookie in a league that was limited to rookie players only. Here he played from the side of the Arizona cubs in the shortstop position. Although he played for strictly three games only, he made a record for three hits. In these three hits, he scored 12 while batting and also stole two bases.

In only a year he was ranked 62 in the order of the outstanding prospect by MLB.com, 2012. He continued his career with the cubs till the extended spring. This gave him the fortunate chance of playing along with other prospects. During his games, he was allowed to play in almost 26 games. During this, he made 8 home runs, 6 doubles, 3 triples, and 23 strikeouts.

Three years following his debut, he was promoted from minor leagues to major leagues. On the day of his debut, he managed to hit a home run against Colorado Rokies. This day marks the date when a record was created. In 2003 he was the first baseball player who made a home run in his debut game. Formerly, this record was owned by Miguel Cabrera. After his promotion, his salary got increased and  Javier Baez net worth started increasing.

He is also referred to as El Mago which means the magician in Spanish as he won the trophy for the cubs.

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Javier Baez Twitter

He has 523.5k Followers on Twitter that is increasing day by day.

Javier Baez Instagram

Javier Baez has 1.5M Followers on Instagram. He has a big fan following although.


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Javier Baez Net worth

As for now, in the year 2024 Javier Baez Net Worth was estimated to about Ten Million U.S Dollars. Evidently, he has earned a fortune from his continuously brilliant games. And this has earned him javier baez stats & net worth which is enough for him to lead a luxurious and comfortable life.

Javier Baez FAQs

How Many Children Does Javier Baez has?
After getting married to Irmarie Marquez in 2019, They were blessed with a son named Adrián Javier Báez Márquez.
What Is The Height Of Javier Baez?
He is 1.83 meters taller. It is the actual height for a Baseball player.
What Is The Salary Of Javier Baez?
His salary is about 5.2 Million USD (2019).
How Many Sisters Have Javier Baez?
He had only one sister. Her name is Noely Baez. Unfortunately she died on 8th April, 2015.