Jeffrey Parker Net Worth – How Rich Was Businessman?

Jeffrey Parker was a famous name in the world of businessmen. This American business executive was the CEO as well as the general manager of MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). He was well-reputed in the transportation services and hence also served as the Commissioner for the Department of Connecticut Transportation. Moreover, he was also the VC of HNTB. Unfortunately, he left this world in the January of this very year i.e., 2024. According to the reports and media services, he committed suicide by jumping in front of a fast-moving train. This tragic incident took place at the East Lake Station. He received a number of awards and honors for all the hard work that he put not his work. This article aims to explore every available detail about Jeffrey Parker from his birth to his death and also tell about Jeffrey Parker net worth.

Early Years of Life

Jeffrey’s life was very hidden from the public eye so many details about his childhood as well as his personal life are not available in the media and are only known by his close-bool relatives and friends. For instance, his exact date of birth and birthplace is not known.

And this is why his exact age is yet to be updated. The only fact that is clearly known is that he was born in America. Moreover, nothing specific is known about his parents and siblings.

Jeffrey Parker Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Jeffrey Parker
Wife Name Erin Harlow Parker
Birth Date 1968
Age 55 yrs at the time of his death
Source of Wealth Business Executive
Marital status Married to Erin
Death January 14, 2024
Net Worth $1M
Nationality American

Educational Timeline

Although he never mentioned his high school, it was known that he graduated from the University of Northeast in the year 1989. He took computer sciences as his major during his graduation. He was always fond of railways, trains, and rail lines. Therefore, he initiated an internship at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Personal Life

as mentioned earlier, Jeffrey’s life was very hidden. He was in the spotlight, but he never revealed the details about his personal life. His personal life after taking higher posts was as hidden as his early life and his family background. The only name known about his personal life is Erin. Erin is known to be her wife. No information about his other relationship before or after the marriage is known.

Apart from this, it was revealed that Jeffrey and Erin are the parents of two beautiful daughters. But the names of his daughters are also not mentioned anywhere. Although, personal details are not available professional details like Jeffrey Parker’s net worth and income are very clearly mentioned here.

jeffrey parker net worth

Professional Career

He officially initiated his career when his internship was initiated at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. he worked so well that he was given the post of Chief of the Operations Control Center and Training. His internship transformed into his official career when he worked for a period of twenty years in MBTA. His leadership qualities took the company to a new height.

It was in 2005, that he took the position of Senior Director offered by MARTA. Slowly and gradually he took over the position of Commissioner for the transportation department of Connecticut. At the time of his death, he was the CEO as well as the General Manager of MARTA.

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Parker died in a train accident. There’s no account of him.

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Jeffrey Parker FAQs

What Was The Salary Of Marta CEO Jeffrey Parker?
Marta CEO Jeffrey Parker’s annual salary was around $366,575 as of the year 2024-22. He has extended his contract to 2020. After the extension, his salary had grown.
What Was The Cause Of Jeffrey Parker's Death?
On 14th January 2024, Jeffrey Parker The CEO of Marta got struck by a train and died. Officials declared his death as suicide.
What Was The Age Of The Jeffrey Parker (Marta CEO) At The Time Of His Death?
Jeffrey Parker was born in 1968. He was the CEO of a well-reputed organization “Marta”. He died in a fast-moving train. At the time of his death, he was 55 years old.
What Was The Net Worth Of The CEO Of Marta Jeffrey Parker Before His Death?
As Parker was the CEO at Marta, his annual salary was around $366,757. When he died, the total net worth that he left was 1 million US dollars.
What Is The Name Of Jeffery Parker's Wife?
Jeffrey Parker met Erin Harlow Parker in 1986 during college. They started liking each other and soon their friendship turned in a partnership. They spend 32 years together.

Jeffrey Parker Net Worth

Jeffery Parker can be considered a very fortunate person as he was able to pursue the career of his dreams. Not only did he pursue his career in transportation services, but he also earned a lot of monetary benefits as well as respect, positions, and awards. Jeffrey Parker net worth is estimated to be about 1 million dollars as of the year 2024. He worked hard to get promoted and got pecuniary benefits in return.