Jim Iannazzo Net Worth – How Rich Is Merrill Advisor In 2024?

Jim Iannazzo is a famous personality of all time. Formerly he was a financial advisor. He was an advisor for Merrill Lynch. He came not the limelight following a scandalous event. In this tirade, he was clearly seen passing several racist comments on a teenage employee. Moreover, he was also seen tossing the served drink on the waiter.  Following this event, investigations were made which proved him guilty of hate crime. He was arrested soon. To know more about Jim Iannazzo net worth, age, family, and other details, read the article given below.

Initial Life

Jim Iannazzo is an American. He hails from Connecticut. As for now, he is years old. He pursued the majors that lead him to become a financial advisor.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth And Bio

Full Name Jim Iannazzo
Spouse name Pamela Iannazzo
Birth Date 15 May 1973
Age 48 years
Source of Wealth Financial advisor
Drew Barrymore husband Will Kopelman (m. 2012–2016), Tom Green (m. 2001–2002), Jeremy Thomas (m. 1994–1995)
Jim Iannazzo kids A son who was the focal point of scandal
Net Worth $ 6 Million
Nationality American

Educational Timeline

As far as education is concerned, he is a graduate of Norwalk High School. He graduated from high school in 1991 while he graduated from the University of Connecticut in the year 1995. In this way, he earned the knowledge that enabled him to become a successful financial advisor.

Personal Life

48 years old Jim is a happily married man. The name of his wife is Pam. He has children with her, one of which is the son who got an allergic reaction. During this incident, his son was severely affected leading to swelling of lips, face, and also difficulty in breathing.

james iannazzo salary

Professional Career

Focusing attention on his career reveals that he was adept at what he did. He had a huge 25 years’ experience of working with different people and firms as a financial advisor. Some of these people are Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith Inc. apart from being a financial advisor, Jim could easily work as a security agent, investment advisor, etc. this was all possible due to his License of 66th series.

But despite his expertise and position, his career experienced a huge setback in the present year i.e., 2024 specifically on the 22nd of January. He was accused of racial discrimination, comments, and misbehavior with a smoothie worker, who was just a teenager. A spectator managed to record the whole incident and uploaded it on TikTok where it went viral. Jim experienced investigation and was proved guilty.

As a result, he was arrested on the account of committing a hate crime. The story behind this scandalous incident was that Jim asked for a smoothie for his son who was allergic to peanut butter. He ordered a smoothie without peanut butter but the order he received had peanut butter which lead to a severe allergic reaction a result of which his son was also hospitalized.

After his son recovered, soon he realized his mistake and claimed that he was severely affected by watching his son suffer and this is what lead to this behavior. the worker also claimed that Jim particularly asked for a no peanut butter smoothy. But the damage was done, and he got fired from his job. At that time he was working as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch.

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Jim Iannazzo Twitter

Twitter just removed Jim’s account from its server because he assaulted a woman working in a store.

Jim Iannazzo Instagram

After getting arrested, His official Insta account was also removed by Instagram Officials, Here’s the reason:


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Jim Iannazzo Linkedin

His LinkedIn account was also got banned because of the racism activity, He’s still not using any social media platform.

Jim Iannazzo FAQs

Who Is Jim Iannazzo Famous For?
Jim Iannazzo is an American citizen. He was a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. He was seen passing several racist comments on a teenage employees.
Why Jim Iannazzo Got Arrested?
Jin Iannazzo was an advisor at Merrill Lynch. His behavior with employees was not so good. He pass racist comments to the employees and was being warned many time. But last time when he did this again at Robeks smoothie shop, his video got viral on Twitter. After this, people demanded for his arrest and after some time he got arrested. After being released, he deleted his official Instagram and Twitter accounts due to tags and bad comments on his posts.
How Many Kids Does Jim Iannazzo Have?
Jim was a wealth advisor. After his racism act, he got arrested and fired from his job duties. He lastly married to Will Kopelman (2012-2016). He have 3 kids.
Who Is James Iannazzo Wife?
James Iannazzo married to Pamela Iannazzo. From her, He have a son who has an allergy problem.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

At the present moment, Jim Iannazzo net worth has been bagged at almost 6 million dollars. But before he was fired from his job, he was earning somewhat eighty to eighty-five thousand dollars every month. Despite his arrest and scandal, he was able to earn more than enough to support his family.