Morgz Net Worth 2024 – YouTuber’s Age, Girlfriend, Family & Bio

Morgz Hudson is a renowned YouTuber who is famous for his live streaming while playing various games. He lives in England and has a YouTube channel of his own. at present Morgz net worth is almost ten million dollars. This is quite impressive for someone as young as him. He not only earned money & merch but also earned followers and subscribers. His YouTube channel gave him the fame and money desired by any person

Early Years of Life

Morgz Hudson is the name of his youtube channel. His real name is Morgan Hudson. He is only twenty years old i.e., in his early twenties. Besides, he was born in Sheffield, England. As for his family, the name of his mother is Jill Hudson. He has two fathers. One is his biological father. His name is Darren Hudson and another is his step-father.

The name of his stepfather is Bald Martin. He was born in a Christian family and hence a Christian himself. He was born on the 1st of August 2001. Like his son, Jill also runs a youtube channel of her own.

Morgz Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Morgan Hudson
Father Name Darren Hudson (biological father)

Bald Martin (stepfather)

Mother Name Jill Hudson
Birth Date 1st of August 2001
Age 20 years
Source of Wealth Social media influencer, gamer, YouTuber, Vlogs
Girlfriend/Affairs Kiera Bridget (Ex)

Tamzin Taber

Brother None
Sister Jenson Bell (Family Friend)
Marital status In a relationship
Wife/Spouse None
Children None
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Interests Cars & Houses
Morgz Hudson’s Net Worth $10 million
Morgz Net Worth in pounds 8,340,800.00 Pound sterling
Nationality British, UK

Educational Timeline

Hudson is only twenty. He studied till middle school after which he realized that his interest does not lie in studying and that he has a never-ending craze for playing games. He wanted to display his skills to others around him. For this purpose, he made his own YouTube channel. Any update about his education will be updated as soon as it is confirmed

Personal Life

Morgz previously dated another youtube sensation named Kiera Bridget. They were seen together even on each other’s youtube channels and videos. But soon they broke up in 2019. Soon after his publicized relationship with Kiera, he started dating Tamzin Taber. And still, he is dating her and both of them are cherishing their time together.

Professional Career

Morgz Hudson earned his initial youtube earning when he was only thirteen years old. He continued his work and study together for almost three years. It was not until three years later when he was sixteen years old that he decided to discontinue his studies and adopt this pastime as his career. He initially started by playing Minecraft games and then shifted towards FIFA gameplay, Call of Duty, etc.

morgz net worth

In the beginning, he named his channel Legendary Gamer HD and then changed it to Morgz Gaming and then finally to Morgz. Along with the name of the channel he also altered the content. He started doing other activities as well. He was well recognized but most recognition came from the content related to FIFA.

It was immensely enjoyed by the viewers. He also made videos with some challenges for the next 24 hours of the day. Moreover, Morgz is also a prankster. He pranks with confidence. At present, Morgz net worth displays his hard work.

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Morgz Twitter

Morgz has 204k followers on his official Twitter account. As he loves cars, so most of his posts are about branded cars.

Morgz Instagram

Morgz has 827k active fans and followers on his official Instagram. While on the other hand, he has 11 million subscribers on his youtube channel.


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Morgz Hudson FAQs

Who is Morgz?
Morgan Hudson nicked Morgz is a well know British YouTuber and he is famous for his live streaming while playing various games. Morgz youtube channel gives him fame and identity. He is also a prankster. He started earning while he was thirteen years old.
What is the net worth of Morgz?
Morgz got not only fame but also huge earnings through his youtube channel. Also, he is a gamer, prank start, and social media influencer. Morgz net worth is around $10 million in 2024.
Who is the Mum of Morgz?
Jillian “Jill” Hudson is the mother of Morgz Hudson. She was born on October 11, 1963. She is also a youtube. Morgz and his mum have the almost same type of content on their youtube channel.
Who is the Girlfriend of Morgz?
Morgz was dating a girl named Kiera Bridget. Kiera is also a youtube star. hey were seen together even on each other’s youtube channels and videos. But soon after their relationship, they broke up back in 2019. After his relationship with Kiera, Morgz started dating Tamzin Taber.
What is the age of Morgz?
Morgz was born on the 6th August 2001 in England, the United Kingdom. He is 21 years old as of 2024.
What is the height of Morgz?
Morgan Hudson is around 2 meters tall. In feet, he is 6 feet and 4 inches heighten.

Morgz Net Worth

Morgz net worth is almost 10 million U.S dollars. He earned this money and subscribers by making highly creative and interesting content. His game-playing abilities gained him a lot of pecuniary benefits.