The Most Popular Video Slot Machines in The World (2024)

Worldwide, gambling enjoys huge popularity. What started with betting and card games has now developed into a multi-million dollar industry that is internationally recognized and used all over the world.

Thus, there are casinos in the usual sense where you can enjoy a whole lot of live games such as poker or roulette, and in almost every snack bar you can find at least one slot machine these days. Slot machine games are one of the most popular gambling formats. They are easy to use and hold big winnings in-store.

What makes a slot machine special?


The history of the slot machine takes us back to the first half of the 19th century. At that time, a so-called “one-armed bandit” was designed in America. This slot machine was completely mechanical and had to be maintained regularly.

The reels had to be lubricated and the mechanical wear parts replaced at certain intervals. However, such a slot machine had a lot of advantages for the gambler as well as for the provider. Such a machine could be set up almost anywhere and the player could gamble on his own.

There was no need for a game leader or supervisor. All you had to do was feed the machine with small change, pull the lever and hope for a lucrative combination of symbols.

At that time, the colourful fruit symbols, which are still known today from some classic slot games, were very popular and created a recognition value. As time went by, people saw how lucrative such machines were, which is why more and more companies tried to get involved in the slot machine game.

More and more machines were created and new themes were covered and great game formats were invented.

The top 3 most popular video slot machines

We have now compiled a collection of those slot machines that have won a considerable amount of fans and are now among the most popular video slot machines in the world. You can learn a little more about these slot machines below:

  • Magic Monk Rasputin by Merkur
  • Book of Ra by Novoline
  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt

Magic Monk Rasputin

Magic Monk Rasputin

Magic Monk Rasputin is not one of the world’s most popular gaming machines for nothing. The game is characterized above all by its classic, yet unmistakably unique design. It is played in the traditional way on 3 reels, each of which offers space for three symbols.

The symbolism is intricately crafted and perfectly complements the name. Rasputin is one of the most renowned figures in Russian history and wielded significant influence throughout his life in the Russian Empire. Hence, it is fitting that the symbolism of the Magic Monk Rasputin game evokes a certain influence and is defined by symbols of power.

Players will come across impressive status symbols such as exquisite rings or golden crowns adorned with precious stones while playing this game.

The backdrop of this highly successful gaming experience from Merkur games is adorned in regal red, and the music that accompanies the spinning reels builds suspense, emphasizing the game’s majestic allure.

The game’s popularity likely stems from its winning formula. With every successful combination, the player takes a step up the ladder. Upon reaching the pinnacle, enticing winnings that every gambler would be eager to collect await.

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Book of Ra

Book of Ra

Anyone who has ever had anything to do with gambling will not have passed by the name “Book of Ra”. This is mainly because this slot occupies first place on most lists of the most popular video slot machines. The slot is based on the Egyptian theme and draws its symbolism from Egyptian mythology.

Thus, the player encounters impressive statues or scarabs wrapped in gold that seem to promise a big win. A certain nostalgic factor is provided by the card symbols ten to ace, which some players have certainly come across in other slots.

With the lucrative jackpot feature, the nine paylines and the RTP of 96%, combined with the simple, impressive game design that nevertheless remains true to the classic, this slot has conquered various players’ hearts and is therefore not in the top 3 of the world’s most popular video games for nothing.

Gonzo´s Quest

Gonzo´s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest convinces first and foremost with its lovely design, which knows how to stand out from the average of other slots. The symbols are characterised not only by their detailed design, but also by their high resolution. The player is not simply thrown into the game, but becomes part of a story.

The main character Gonzo is on a treasure hunt and tries to collect as much gold as possible with the help of the player by creating winning combinations. Gonzo looks at his treasure map every now and then to assess the chance of winning.

The special thing about this is that if you achieve a winning combination, the symbols involved disappear and make room for the following ones, which means that you still have a chance of achieving another winning combination regardless of the actual spin.

The game format is kept relatively simple and the 20 paylines extend over 5 reels, each of which offers space for three symbols. The game’s RTP of 95.97% is in the lower mid-range, while the volatility is in the medium range.

The 3 most popular slots in the world and their unique selling points

In the vast universe of slot machines, it’s evident that certain games rise above the rest in terms of popularity. In exploring the unique selling points of these three globally renowned slots, we’ve uncovered what sets them apart.

These slots, each with its distinct appeal, showcase the creativity and innovation that fuel the world of online gambling.

Whether you’re in pursuit of jackpots, immersive symbolism, or engaging narratives, these popular slots have carved a special niche in the hearts of players worldwide, reaffirming that the world of slots is rich with captivating adventures waiting to be explored.