MS Sethi Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Boyfriend & Bio

Most people recognize famous people of the country and also know about popular people on a global scale. One such global celebrity is MS Sethi. Although, she is quite famous. But, there are chances that still some people may not recognize her. You do not need to worry. This article discusses each and every part and aspect of her life in a detailed manner. Now, let us start with her introduction. At the present moment, MS Sethi net worth can be calculated to be almost 2 million dollars.

Undoubtedly, MS Sethi is the nickname of a girl of mixed ethnicity. She was born in India but is now the possessor of American nationality. Shilpa Sethi is famous for her social media accounts where she is followed by quite a large number of followers. She models for Instagram and posts videos for TikTok. In this way, she has earned a large sum of money. This was just a brief introduction to the self-created model and her success. Read the complete article to know about detailed aspects of her life.

Early Days of Life, Ethnicity, Family, and Religion

MS Sethi is not the actual name of this thirty years old model. She was born and raised with the identity of Shilpa Sethi.  She was born in the household of an Indian businessman. Her birth place is India. But soon after, her family relocated to America and in this way, she is both an American as well as an Indian national. If we talk about her religion, then she is a Hindu from her birth as she was born in a Hindu family.

In addition, unlike most social media stars and influencers who reveal the details and show the faces of their family on their social media accounts, Shilpa is quite a private person. Also, She does not like to share details about her background, residence, or family life. This is why no information is available about her parents and her siblings. Although we will update this section soon.

MS Sethi Net Worth, Wiki & Biography

Full Real Name Shilpa Sethi (Muskan Sethi)
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name NA
Birth Date 9th January 1992
Birthplace/Hometown November 1, 1996
Age 30 years
Profession Model, Brand endorser, Social media influencer
Spouse/Husband No
Children No
Relationship/Boyfriend NA
Siblings Unknown
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
Eyes Color Black
MS Sethi Net worth $2 million
Monthly Income/Salary 50,000 USD to $200,000
Yearly/Annual Income Under review
Nationality American – NRI

Educational Timeline

Most people strive for the profession that they adore from the beginning of their lives. The same was the case with Sethi. She was very interested in modeling from a very young age, hence she used much of her time grooming herself. This is why she was not deeply interested in education. Although, she did realize the significance of conventional education in the shaping of the individual personality and hence graduated from a local high school and then also got admission to a university.

In addition, she also successfully graduated from the university with fairly good grades. Although, no clear details were ever disclosed about the name of the institutes in which she studied throughout her educational timeline.

Shilpa Sethi Personal Life

The aspect of a person’s life which is the center of attention for most people around is her personal life. people are interested in your personal life even if you are not a popular personality. And if you are a famous person, then this interest grows several folds. If we talk about the private life matters and the status of this plus-size model, then we come to know that she is an extremely private person. Besides, she does not like revealing every detail of her life to her followers and subscribers. Consequently, we do not know about her status. We are not even sure whether is she dating or not.

Shilpa Sethi Net Worth

Professional Life and Career

Without a doubt, Sethi was deeply interested in modeling from the early days of her life. Therefore, she groomed herself in accordance to fulfil each requirement for being a good model. But, she is not just an ordinary model. She is a plus-size model. Besides, she does not work for an agency, rather she clicks her own pictures or asks someone to help her, and then she posts them on her Instagram. In the same way, she also makes videos for lip synchronization. She posts these videos on her TikTok account.

Also, she gained initial popularity by posting curvaceous pictures which gained an immense audience and went viral. In this way, she became famous very early. At present, MS Sethi net worth is 2 million U.S dollars which is a great success for a girl in her thirties.

Muskan Sethi Husband, Boyfriend/Relationship & Dating History

Nothing much is disclosed about fitness guru MS Sethi’s personal life. According to our source, Muskan Sethi is single and not married yet. She has no boyfriend and any dating history.

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Muskan Sethi (MS Sethi) Zodiac Sign, Religion

MS Sethi’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Moreover, she belongs to a Hindu Family in India.

MS Sethi Twitter

@MSsethi11 has 311K active followers on her official Twitter account. Till now, she has tweeted 300 + tweets there.

MS Sethi Instagram

MS Sethi (Shilpa Sethi) as @ms.sethi has around 6.5 million + active fans and followers on her official Instagram account. She has more than 148 posts on her insta id.


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FAQs About MS Sethi

Who is MS Sethi?
American nationality holder MS Sethi is a well-known Social media influencer, model, Youtuber, and Tiktoker. She has a large number of followers on her social media accounts. MS Sethi was born in India. Also, she is an American citizen as she lives in New York City (NYC) for years.
What is the profession of MS Sethi?
MS Sethi is a model by profession. But she does not model for agencies, rather she models and posts pictures on her social media accounts to gain followers. She also does lip synchronization videos and entertains people who follow her on her social media handles.
What is the age of MS Sethi?
MS Sethi was born on the 9th of January of the year 1992. In accordance with her date of birth, she is currently in her thirties (specifically thirty years old).
What is the zodiac star of MS Sethi or Shilpa Sethi?
If we thoroughly examine the stars according to the date of birth of this model, then it reveals that she is a Capricorn. This is because she was born in the early days of January.
How tall is MS Sethi?
MS Sethi is almost 1.68 meters tall. If calculated her height in centimeters, it is equal to 168 centimeters, and on a feet-inch scale 9 which is commonly used in certain areas) she is almost 5 feet and 6 inches tall.
What is the ethnicity of MS Sethi?
MS Sethi has mixed ethnicity. This is because she was an Indian national citizen by birth as she was born in India, but now she is living in America for quite a long time and thus has an American nationality. Hence, she can be considered a person of mixed ethnicity.
How much net worth has MS Sethi acquired?
MS Sethi net worth according to some trustful sources is estimated to reach roughly two million dollars. Undoubtedly, she has acquired this much net worth from her work as a social media influencer, brand endorser, and Instagram model.
What is the real name of MS Sethi?
MS Sethi is a famous TiToker, Youtuber, and Social media influencer of American origin. Her real name is known as Shilpa Sethi as she was born in India.

MS Sethi Net Worth

MS Sethi net worth was calculated by certain very resourceful sites and was estimated to be approximately 2 million. U.S dollars. She does not work for agencies, rather she models according to her desire and will. She takes pictures and posts them on her social media accounts. Besides, pictures and modeling is not the only way she uses order to gain monetary benefits. Apart from modeling, she also makes videos in which she does lip synchronization with famous songs and dialogues.

Moreover, these videos are particularly posted on TikTok to gain followers and hence pecuniary advantages. Her large number of subscribers allows her to endorse brands and also puts her in the category of social media influencers. In a nutshell, in this way she created her fate herself. She took initiative and with the passage of time she became successful in gaining both fame and money. Now she lives a luxurious life.