A Quick Guide to Running an OnlyFans Agency for the Adult Industry

When you are looking to set up an online modeling agency, there are so many platforms to choose from. Do you want your models to perform on catwalks? Or are you looking for something a bit more intimate? If it is the latter, you may want to look into setting up an OnlyFans model agency.

This is no small task! There are many modeling agencies that operate through this platform, and it can get competitive. Therefore, this short guide has been written with the intention of helping those ambitious people who want to get some traction on OnlyFans with a model base. Great!

So, starting with a key point, what should you aim to look for in the models you either hire or seek to recruit?

Look for Models with an Existing Fan Base

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When hiring models, it is important for your agency’s growth and their growth as a model that they already have a fan base. Seek out models who have a following on social media or other platforms. These models may be more likely to attract fans to their OnlyFans account, which can lead to higher earnings. These will help you to start an OnlyFans agency quicker than if you were hiring models that were not as popular on social media or have no online presence.

Evaluate the Quality of Their Content

The hiring process for models involves lots of looking through portfolios and lots of online research. As an agency, it is best to review samples of the model’s content to ensure that it meets your agency’s quality standards. You want to work with models who produce high-quality, engaging content that fans will be willing to pay for. Also, aim to look for models who have a wide range of portfolio shoots rather than a single niche, as they may need to change their look based on who they are engaging with on the platform.

Consider Their Personality and Engagement Skills

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The success of an OnlyFans model is not just about the quality of their content but also about their personality and ability to engage with fans. Look for models who are personable, responsive, and have good communication skills. Also, while it may sound odd, try to look for ones who have experience working on camera, as these will be the ones who are more likely to build a large fan base quickly!

Assess Their Work Ethic and Reliability

Hiring new models is OK, but they can be a bit naive when it comes to areas like OnlyFans. When building your agency, you will want to work with models who are committed to their work and can consistently produce content on a regular basis. Look for models who are reliable, organized, and have a strong work ethic. Of course, if a model is hired and it appears that their work ethic is lacking or they are overwhelmed, it may be best to take a step back from them until they get some more experience.

Evaluate Their Niche and Target Audience

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Diversification is not only something that exists in the world of stocks!

When you are looking to hire models to work for your agency, you will make the most profit if you have a diverse group. Consider the model’s niche and the type of audience they attract. Look for models whose niche aligns with your agency’s brand and values and who have a target audience that matches your agency’s goals.

So, what are some of the best tips for managing the models that you are overseeing the careers of on OnlyFans?

Set Clear Expectations

Make sure that you set clear expectations for your OnlyFans models regarding what is expected of them in terms of content creation, posting frequency, and engagement with fans. Ensure that they are aware of any guidelines or policies that they need to follow.

Remember, if you are managing them and they go against the guidelines of the platform, they and you, as their manager, could be in hot water. So, be sure to check in regularly, update them on any changes to the rules, and make sure that they and you are on the same page.

Provide Training and Support

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It may seem weird to need to invest in your models’ skills if they are operating from home, but without it, they are likely to not get as many subscribers, which will cost you and them money. Offer your OnlyFans models training and support to help them develop their skills and improve the quality of their content. This could include guidance on lighting, camera angles, video editing, and copywriting. If you aren’t really sure where to start on this, there are modeling agencies out there that work on platforms like OnlyFans that can help you. So, be sure to have these goals in mind before you begin recruiting models for your agency.

Offer Incentives

You can seek to motivate your OnlyFans models to perform their best by offering incentives such as bonuses for hitting certain performance targets, access to exclusive content, or the opportunity to work on premium projects. Remember, people are more likely to work happily in an environment where their work is being taken seriously, and by offering bonuses for hitting certain targets, you are showcasing that you see your models as hard-working individuals, which they are!

Manage Their Finances

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Nothing annoys workers more than not getting paid on time. So, as the agency that is managing them, you will need to ensure that your OnlyFans models are paid on time and that all financial matters are handled efficiently and transparently. This includes setting up payment schedules, tracking earnings, and providing regular financial reports.

Provide a Safe and Respectful Environment

Your models are probably going to come across a few questionable characters when working on this platform, and as their manager, it is your job to check in on them and make sure that they are OK. Always aim to create a safe and respectful working environment for your OnlyFans models, free from harassment or discrimination. Encourage open communication and provide support to ensure that they feel valued and respected as members of your team.

If you feel at any time that one of your models is being targeted or being harassed, you should work with them to report this to the administration of OnlyFans and pursue legal action if necessary.