Suzanne Somers Net Worth 2024 – Personal Life, Husband, Income & Bio

Suzanne Somers is known for her acting, writing, and her singing skills. She has an estimated net worth of about a hundred million dollars. Apparently, she is a multi-tasker, as she is also a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Although she has acted in a variety of projects, she is recognized for her work in “Three’s Company” and another sitcom entitled Step By Step. Besides, she has been a part of a plethora of controversies but despite all the controversies, she is a successful woman. To know about Suzanne Somers Net Worth & Bio, scroll down the page.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth & Biography

Real name Suzanne Marie Mahoney
Birthdate October 16, 1946
Marital status Ex. (Bruce Somers)

Currently married (Alan Hamel)

Boyfriend NA
Siblings Daniel Mahoney (Brother), Maureen Gilmartin (Sister)
Parents Marion Mahoney, Frank Mahoney
Height 1.66 m.
Suzanne Somers’ Net worth 100 million US dollars
Kids/Children 1 Son
Scool Capuchino High Schoo
College San Francisco College for Women
Religion Catholic
Nationality American
Profession Actor, model, writer, singer, businesswoman, entrepreneur

Early Years of Life

Her full name is Suzanne Marie Mahoney. She has an American origin and was born in the October of 1946 in Californian jurisdiction. The name of her birthplace was Bruno. Suzanne was raised in a family with 3 other siblings of hers. Her father was abusive and Suzanne tolerated the verbal abuse during her youth.

Moreover, Her mother Marion Elizabeth was a medical secretary, while her father Francis Mahoney was a gardener. For high school, she opted Capuchino High School and later attended San Francisco College(exceptionally for women).

Personal Life

Suzanne escaped the verbal abuse of her father when she married in her nineteens. But unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and ended only three years later. She has one child with her ex-husband. Later she became a prize model for a show called the Anniversary Game. Later, on the set of this show, she met Alan Hamel. Alan was the host of the show. They both fell in love and got married later in 1977. Fortunately, they are still together and in love with each other.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with second-stage cancer in the year 2000. It was breast cancer stage two. Initially, she opted for the radiotherapy and then they went for a surgical procedure named lumpectomy. Then they had the option of chemotherapy which was rejected by Suzanne herself.

Suzanne Somers Husband

Career Timeline

Suzanne’s acting career started somewhat in the late nineteen sixties and seventies with strictly minor roles. In some appearances, she was invited for the sake of her book’s endorsement “Eat Great, Lose Weight“. Other were her short roles in movies like Blonde in The White Thunderbird or single episode appearance in sitcoms as TV series like Lotsa Luck. All this was done by her in the initial years of the seventies.

Moreover, Apart from this she also played roles in two other projects in the 1970s entitled Magnum Force and Rockford Flies. She made a guest appearance in the episode of the six million dollar man. But the project that gained her recognition as an actress was three companies.

Although, soon enough she got stuck in controversy and her contract with the ABC sitcom production team got terminated. She was taken by a rival of the former team and soon she got a show named after her. The name of the show was Suzanne Somers’s show.

In addition, She also worked as a model for the Playboy and not even once but twice, once in 1980 and the other time in 1984. but she struggled quite a lot with modeling.

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Suzanne Somers Twitter

Suzanne has around 56.2K followers on her official Twitter page. There she mostly promotes her products of Thigh Master. Some of her tweets are about her TV shows.

Suzanne Somers Instagram

There on her Insta, Suzanne has 222.1K followers. There on her official Instagram, mostly she posts about her products,  diet plans, health tips, and beauty tips.


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Suzanne Somers FAQs

Who is Suzanne Somers?
Suzanne is well known for her best acting, singing, and writing skills. Also, she is a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur of American origin. She is recognized for her work in Three’s Company and another sitcom entitled Step By Step.
How Rich is The Actress Suzanne Somers in 2024?
As Suzanne is famous for her acting in successful projects, she has earned a handsome amount in her career. Suzanne Somers’ net worth is around $110 million US dollars in 2024.
Who is The Husband of Suzanne Somers?
Suzanne got married in her nineteen. But unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and ended only three years later. After becoming the prize model for a shoe called the Anniversary Game, she met Alan Hamel on the set of the show. Alan Hamel was the host of that show. They both fell in love and got married later in 1977.
How Much Money Did Suzanne Somers Earn From ThighMaster?
In an interview with a channel, Somers revealed her earnings from the Thighmaster. Additionally, she told that she earned a profit of $20 per product and at that time she sold around 10 million products. According to her, she whooped around $250-$300 million from an iconic workout device alone.
What Kind Of Disease Does Suzanne Somers Have?
Suzanne is an American actress, writer, and singer. She is famous for her hard work and amazing acting. Unfortunately, in the year 2000, she was diagnosed with second-stage cancer. It was breast cancer stage two. Initially, she opted for the radiotherapy and then they went for a surgical procedure named lumpectomy. After that, the only option of chemotherapy was left which was rejected by herself.
What is The Diet of Suzanne Somers?
In her interview on a TV, Suzanne told her lifestyle, daily routine, and her diet. She told that “I eat butter, sour cream, olive oil, cream, full-fat cream. I eat organic protein or green food (grass-fed). I’m never on a diet as my all food is organic.
What is The Age of Suzanne Somers?
Suzanne was born on October 16, 1946, in Californian jurisdiction. Her birthplace’s name was Bruno. She is 75 years old as of the year 2024.
How Many Children Does Suzanne Somers Have?
In 1964, she got married to the baby’s father “Bruce Somers”. She has an only child who is a boy named “Bruce Somers Jr.”.
How Does Suzanne Somers Look So Young?
Somers has had the same routine of doing the same exercise routine for nearly twenty years. Her choice of workout is Yoga. “I have done yoga on daily basis for twenty years. I will keep doing the same workout until I die”. In addition, Suzanne eats organic protein or grass-fed, butter, olive oil, and cream. That’s why she looks so young.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

As far as the Suzanne Somers net worth is concerned, Suzanne worked quite a lot to earn what she owns today. Although she was a part of many controversies, we cannot deny that she worked hard to earn what she has today. She has a net worth of roughly one hundred million dollars, specifically $110 million.