Ted Glover Net Worth 2024 – What He Left At The Time of His Death?

Ted Glover was an English cricketer. His full name is Edward Robert Kenneth Glover. He played for the Glamorgan County Cricket Club for a period of six years i.e., from 1932 to 1938. Ted Glover net worth at present is almost 3 to 5 million dollars. Besides, he also pursued sports journalism and for this purpose, he got associated with South Wales Echo, The Sunday Telegraph, and Manchester Guardian.

Early Years of Life

Ted glover was born on the 19th of July 1911. His birth place is England. He was always a good sportsman. Moreover, during the early years of his life, he was also a good rugby player. His era was not a social media era hence his life was very private. Therefore, no information about his family, siblings, and background is known.

Ted Glover Net Worth & Biography

Full Real Name: Edward Robert Kenneth Glover
Father’s name: NA
Mother’s Name: NA
Wife/Spouse Name: Not Available
Birth date: July 19, 1911- March 23, 1967
Age at the time of death:  55 years
Source of Wealth: Cricketer, Businessman (later)
Children: Steve O (Son), Daughter (Unknown)
Relationship/Girlfriend: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Eyes Color: Blue
Ted Glover Net Worth in USD: $4 million
Nationality: England

Educational Qualification

Many people are curious about the educational qualification of their sports icon. Certainly, fans are also curious about Ted’s qualifications. Therefore, this section reveals his educational details. Ted was a private person and he never talked about his life. Moreover, his educational qualifications were never discussed because he was a cricketer. But once he said that he was a Sherborne School alumni.

Personal Life

Ted never mentioned anything about his marital status. Therefore, we do not know whether he was married or not. Apart from this, he never spoke anything about children or having children. Besides, he was always a private person, and he never said anything about his parents or sibling. Therefore, these details are not available.

Ted Glover Family

Professional Life & Career

Ted Glover was always famous for his work as a cricketer. He was a right-armed baller who bowled a fast to the medium-paced ball. Therefore, he was able to acquire 118 wickets for his country. These wickets were taken in a county championship. He was an amateur who was always passionate about his game.

As far as the initiation of his career is concerned, he was a rugby player at his school. Details revealed that he was a Sherborne School alumni. Moreover, he was the brother-in-law of Maurice (captain of Glamorgan Cricket Club). additionally, he also started an insurance business set up with Maurice. This was before the 2nd world war. Unfortunately, Maurice passed away during the 2nd world war, but Ted continued his business even after his death. Therefore, Ted Glover net worth at present is almost 3 to 5 million USD.

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Ted Glover Twitter

Ted Glover’s Twitter account is handled by his family. There are not many followers left on his account.

Ted Glover Instagram

Unfortunately, Glover was not using Instagram during his lifetime. So, there is no existence of an Instagram account with his name.

Glover’s FAQs

Who is Ted Glover?
Ted Glover is a cricketer of English origin. He was born on the 19th of July 1911 and played for Glamorgan County Cricket Club for six consecutive years. He was a right-armed bowler who bowled medium to fast-paced balls. Moreover, he took one hundred and eighteen (118) wickets for his country.
What was the relationship between Ted and Glamorgan Captain?
Glamorgan’s captain’s name was Maurice. Ted was Maurice’s brother-in-law. They both played together for the Glamorgan County Cricket Club. Moreover, before the 2nd world war, they also initiated a business together. Unfortunately, Maurice died during the war. However, Ted continued the business after his death.
Was Ted Glover married?
Ted Glover’s marital status was never revealed. Besides, he never took the name of his wife or talked about this topic.  Additionally, ted never revealed the names of any of his other family members. So, unfortunately, this information is not yet available.
Is Ted Alive or Dead?
No! Ted Glover died on the 23rd of March, in the year 1967. Moreover, at the time of his death, he was 55 years old and quite famous. he gained his fame in the name of cricket and also set up a business of his own.
What was Ted’s educational qualification?
Certainly, Ted was a private man and he never spoke about his family background, personal life, or educational qualification. However, he was an alumnus of Sherborne School and a talented cricket as well as a rugby player.
What was Ted Glover’s religion?
Ted was born in a Christian family hence he was a Christian by birth.
What was the height of Ted Glover?
Ted Glover was five feet three inches which is quite average height. Although, he was a sportsman yet his physique was that of an average man.
What is Ted Glover’s net worth?
Ted Glover net worth is almost three to five million U.S dollars.

Ted Glover Net Worth

Moreover, Ted Glover net worth is 3 to 5 million U.S dollars. Certainly, he earned a major portion of his net worth from his profession of cricket. Later, he also started his business for insurance with Maurice (the captain of Glamorgan Cricket Club). However, Maurice died during the 2nd world war. But Ted continued the business and also earned from it.