Issa Rae Net Worth 2024 – Know More About “Insecure” Girl

Issa Rae is also known as Jo-Issa Rae Diop. She is an actress of American origin. Apart from being an actress, she is also working as a producer. At the present moment, her worth can be estimated to be about four million dollars.  She was nominated in the list that carries the name of the hundred most influential people in the year 2018. After that Issa Rae net worth graph went up.

She acted in various different projects but the project that earned her recognition in the true sense is the YouTube series entitled the Awkward Black Girl.

Early Years Of Life

Issa was born in January of 1985, on the 12th of the month. The birthplace is L.A in the jurisdiction of California, U.S. both of her parents were extremely educated.  The name of her mother was Delyna Hayward and she was a teacher. The name of his father was Abdoulaye Diop, and he was a renowned doctor. They were a family of seven and Issa had four siblings. They all lived together in Maryland until she was twelve. The whole family relocated to Lose Angels.

Unfortunately, they were not together for long as her parents were soon divorced. This happened when she was attending high school.

Issa Rae Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Issa Rae
Father Name Mercedes Munoz Sampedro
Birth Date 12th January 1985
Age 36 years
Source of Wealth Actress and producer
Marital status Louis Diame
Height 1.75m
Net Worth $4 Million
Nationality American

Educational Timeline

Issa went to the King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science. She then pursued her Bachelor’s in the subject of arts and was graduated in 2007. Her bachelor’s degree was from the Stanford University. But she was deeply interested in acting and was passionate enough to opt for it as a career. This is why she completed her fellowship in Public Theater.

Private Life

Issa is a happily married woman. This was revealed by her in 2024, to her businessman boyfriend. His name is Louis Diame. Besides, she also revealed that they got married in France.

Issa Rae posing in front of camera

Professional Timeline

She was not directly cast in any project rather she made her own YouTube channel, and she made her own YouTube series with the name Awkward Black Girl. This was the series that gained her all the recognition that she has till now.  In this project, she played the role of a black girl name J. it was two years later in 2013 that she was given an award for the Best Web Show.

After this popular series of her, she gained Many opportunities to produce more shows and projects such as The F Word, Roomieloverfriends, and, Rachet Piece Theater. As far as her production skills are concerned, she gained a plethora of awards for her work on the project entitled as insecure.  This show was a big hit and a star that was studded in the profile Issa Rae. Issa Rae Net Worth got increased from 2 Million Dollars after her successful project.

Released five years after her first YouTube hit series this project was released by HBO. This project was included in the list of the most popular projects of the next year. During these years Issa was seen acting in a number of movies and series. Besides she produced many shows as well. Apart from public appearances in the movies, she also uses her celebrity platform to raise awareness about various significant issues like women’s rights and civil rights.

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Issa Rae Twitter

Issa Roe has more than 1.6M followers on twitter. Her followers are increasing day by day.

Issa Rae Instagram

She has 3.6M followers on Instagram till today.


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Issa Rae Net Worth

Issa Rae is considered as one of the top celebrities in the American acting field. She appeared in some of the famous hit movies like Little and The Hate U Give, Lovebirds and, The Photograph. After gaining a lot of experience from her production she established her own production house named as the Hoorae Media. And also signed a contract worth five years with the WarnerMedia.

Apart from being an actor and producer she also known for endorsing brands and this has a lot towards her net worth. All this has gained her a net worth of approximately 4 million U.S dollars.

Issa Rae FAQs

How Many Child Issa Rae Have?
In an interview Issa Rae said ” She is happy with her married life and not expecting any child this time “. But MTO News has confirmed that She and her husband Louis are planning to have kid
How Many Siblings have Issa Rae?
She has 4 siblings. Her father Abdoulaye Diop is a Neonatologist and her mother Delyna Diop is a teacher.
In Which Year Issa Rae Nominated and Won The Award?
She was nominated many times for the award. But she won her first award in 2017 for the best (Comedy) performance . Also, She won her 2nd award in same year. In 2018 she got Three awards. In 2019, she won two awards. In 2020 she also won three awards. In year 2024, She only score one award and that was for best comedy performance in Insecure.