Jose Aldo Net Worth 2024 – The Richest Fighter Of Brazil

Jose Aldo is a renowned is fighter by a profession. As a fighter, he was nominated for a plethora of titles and won most of them. All the titles were for different categories. For instance, he is considered one the best out of all the pound-for-pound fighters. Moreover, he was ranked fifth on UFC Bantamweight’s list. In 2017, he was ranked as the best featherweight in mixed martial arts. Let us now see Jose Aldo net worth in the current year.

Early Life Of Jose Aldo

Jose is a Brazil-born fighter who was born in the September of 1986 in Manaus. The names of his parents are Rocilene Socorro and Jose Aldo da Silva Olivera. Initially, he was interested in becoming a footballer. He started to learn to fight in his days in order to defend himself. For this purpose, he started his training in capoeira after his classes. As he was learning the fighting form a jiu-jitsu trainer got interested in him and invited him to train in jiu-jitsu. It was then that he switched completely to jiu-jitsu. 

Jose Aldo Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Jose Aldo
Father Name José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Sr
Birth Date 9 September 1986 
Age 35 years
Source of Wealth Professional fighter
Marital status Married to Vivianne Aldo
Height 1.7 m
Net Worth $10 Million
Nationality Brazilian

Private Life

He married to a female fighter Vivianne Pereira who was trained in Muay Thai and also in jiu-jitsu. They two have a daughter, her name is Joanna. She was born in 2012.

Jose Aldo With His Wife & Daughter

Career Timeline

Joso initiated his career in 2004 when he was only seventeen years old. He opted for mixed martial arts for his career initiation. He defeated Mario Bigola and also had a fight with Hudson Rocha of Brazilian origin. During this time he was called with a nickname I.e., Junior.

Apart from these two fighters, he defeated other many famous fighters. Some of them are as follows: Mickey Young (2005), Thiago“Minu” Meller (2006), and Shoki Maruyama(2007 in Neo Tournament Finals).

He played his debut match of cage fighting in 2008. As he proceeded with the game he defeated Alexandre Franca Nogueira. He won this championship in the November of next year I.e., 2009. Following this fight, he was seen fighting against Mike Brown at the 44th WEC. Moreover, he won the award for the World Extreme Cage-fighting Featherweight Championship. Apart from this, he was entitled as the fighter for the year 2009.

In 2010 two fighting platforms merged which resulted in transfer of various fighters. These platforms were the WEC and UFC. Aldo was made the inaugural champion and also received a belt as a reward during UFC123 and that made a huge impact on Jose Aldo’s net worth. He was going to defend his title as well as the rewarded belt in UFC125 but due to his neck injury, he was compelled to withdraw. 

He fought in UFC129 and this was his first fight in UFC. Moreover, in this fight, he defended his title. this fight was against Mark Hominick and fortunately, Aldo won the fight. He was successful in defending his title. He then again defended his title in UFC142. this defense was against Chad Mendes and this too was won by Aldo. They fought in a rematch in UFC 179 in the year 2014. it was a very interesting fight. Aldo got knocked out quite a few times also. But fortunately, in the end, he won and was able to defend his title. He won three awards for the fighter of the year.

He was defeated after ten years in the UFC 194 when he was trying to defeat his title from Conor McGregor. This marked his winning streak of about eighteen matches. Out of these 18 matches almost 15 were played under the name of UFC. Similarly, he played various matches.

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Jose Aldo Twitter

On his Twitter account, he has almost 939.8K active followers. After a few days, it can touch 1 Million.

Jose Aldo Instagram

The former UFC champion Jose Aldo has more than 2.7 million followers on his Instagram account that’s a huge fan following. Jose seems to be most active on Instagram.

Jose Aldo Net Worth

He has a long career with various wins and fights. He owns approximately a net worth of about ten million dollars according to a recent update. He’s the richest UFC fighter in Brazil.

Jose Aldo FAQs

How many times does Jose Aldo Lost in his career?
Jose Aldo Lost 7 times till his last UFC fight in his career and that’s why he is ranked #3 in the UFC rankings.
Is Jose Aldo married?
Yes, Jose Aldo was married to Vivianne Aldo back in 2005. His wife is also a Mixed martial arts fighter.