The Legal Landscape of Online Pokies in New Zealand: Tips for Compliance and Success

The world of pokies in New Zealand is not an illegal one. It is regulated, but for many people, some things remain in fog. One thing is sure; they’re really popular. Due to pokies popularity, the legal issues surrounding gambling on the web remain in the shadow area of law. If you’re a fan of gambling and you prefer it online in NZ you need to know that there are strict restrictions put in place. Players need to comply. For the most part, online games in the gambling department are regulated by the Gambling Act 2003.

When it comes to pokies they are the most popular game on this island. This is no surprise. The situation is similar in other parts of the world. After all, they are a neighboring country of Australia where online slots dominate the gambling market. While not illegal per se, online pokies are played illegally in some areas of New Zealand. We are mostly talking about unlicensed operators. You also have a valid operator that offers some of the best and various pokies online NZ choices. To ensure that you’re not operating outside of the law, we’re going to take a look at the above-mentioned gambling act.

Pokies Regulation in NZ


As we mentioned, in New Zealand, gambling can be seen as an illegal activity. There are a few cases when it is seen as an illegal activity. For one, the online operator mustn’t be located in the country. That’s illegal. Secondly, they must not aim to have NZ citizens as their players. So, a casino located in New Zealand cannot have online pokies nor target anyone residing in New Zealand. Even those establishments that have headquarters outside of the country mustn’t have their eyes on NZ residents.

For many establishments and players, this poses an issue. But, as it’s usually the case, there are ways to override the legality of online gambling laws. For one, off-shore gambling is a thing. Any player that wants to enjoy their fair share of online gambling can do it in a dozen off-shore online casinos. The New Zealand government doesn’t prevent these kinds of actions. But, everything still needs to remain completely legal. What this means is that you’re only allowed to play off-shore in a licensed casino that is regulated by another country and its body tied to gambling laws and regulations.

The work is ongoing to make online establishments for gambling and pokies legally possible in NZ. But, while we wait for this to happen, playing off-shore is the only option. So, if you can’t live without pokies you need to focus on some of the best casinos that the world has to offer on the web. Of course, in the confinements of the law. To learn what is required to operate in NZ, one is better off talking to the Department of Internal Affairs which is in charge of regulations. If a casino wants to operate in NZ, a license needs to be issued by them.

Now that you know this much about the legal part of gambling online on this most southeast island, we’re going to give you a helping hand. What you’ll find below are the tips for compliance and success when it comes to pokies and web gambling in New Zealand.

Play Off-Shore

We already stated this. There are no web gambling operators based in NZ. You need to enter international waters to have your fair share of online gambling. In today’s world, this shouldn’t be too hard. On the web, you have plenty of offers. Many casinos can satisfy your urge both in terms of games and legal requirements.

Seek Licensed Operators


It doesn’t matter if you play offshore if you’re visiting an unlicensed online casino. When you make your selection you need to abide by international law. When you pick your favorite establishment you need to be sure that its operation is regulated by an authority from the country of its origin. If it’s not, you can end up in trouble either way.

Learn a Thing or Two About The Odds

Once you ensure that you’re within the legal boundaries of online pokies it is time to start thinking about winning some cash. The best way to do this is to explore the world of pokies odds. Not all games have the same odds of winning. So, learn a few things about a return to the player and of course the house edge.  When you get a grasp of these terms you’ll know which online slot is the right one for you.

Be Wise in Game Selection

You need to be careful when gambling. This is common sense. So, selecting a game should be a thoughtful process. Online slots come in numbers. They’re all similar. But, they are also very different. The secret is in the small details. This brings us back to the odds. Find a pokie that favors the player more, yes, the house always wins, but the players get their fair share too. But, only if they pick the right game.

Focus on Bonuses and Promotions


Online casinos come in numbers. Yes, there are plenty of players out there, but all of them have different needs and desires. Casinos look to tether to the needs of their players. The best way to do this is by having amazing promotions followed by hefty bonuses. When you seek an online casino and you want to win regularly you want to have as many free spins as you can. They are waiting for you, but only in casinos that rely heavily on having their players satisfied through various bonuses and promotions.

Avoid Volatile Machines

Volatility is what makes pokies so attractive. You can win high, and you can stump so low. The world of pokies is one of highs and lows. But, at the end of the day, all of us like to win. Winning matters. This is why you need to stay away from volatility. Yes, it can bring you great wins, but it can also make you lose often. So, to win, choose the less volatile pokies options. You’ll play more, win steadily, and avoid the stress that comes with volatile online slots.