Linda Tripp Net Worth – What Assets She Left?

Born in the mid-twentieth century, Linda trip was an American civil servant. She worked on a high post and was friends with Monica Lewinsky. Later during the course of her work, she became a member of the Pentagon. She came into the limelight when she recorded a scandalous conversation between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. From There, Linda Tripp net worth was around millions of dollars just due to her handsome amount of salary in the White House.

Early Years Of Life

Like her scandalous professional life, her personal life was also turbulent. She got divorced from her husband named Bruce Tripp in 1990, 19 years after marriage and after having two lovely children i.e., a son and a daughter.

Linda Tripp Net Worth & Bio

Full Name Linda Tripp
Full name Linda Tripp Linda Tripp
Birth Date 24 November 1949
Age 70 years at the time of her death
Source of Wealth Secretary in Public Relation
husband Bruce Trip
kids One daughter and one son
Net Worth $40 Million
Nationality American

Initial Life and Educational Background

Linda was born in New Jersey (Eastern Hanover) in the year 1949, particularly on the 24th of November. As far as her education is concerned, she attended high school in her own hometown. She had no other siblings as she was a single kid.  Moreover, her parents were divorced, due to the affair of his father with a teacher.  The name of her school was Hanover Park High School. Her year of graduation was 1968.

linda tripp during interview

Career And Professional Timeline 

After her graduation, she started working in the post of secretary in the Department of Intelligence. In the later part of the 1980s, she was transferred to the Department of Public Relations. During her tenure in Pentagon, she worked hard for the election campaign of Bill Clinton in the year 1993.

The very next year she was transferred to Pentagon. There she met Monica, who was a much younger intern working in the department of Public Relations. This job was highly paid, and Linda Tripp earned almost 20 thousand dollars more than what she earned previously.

Owing to her friendship with Monica she came to about the affair between Bill and Monica. Later, she went on recording the video of Bill and released it, which resulted in a scandal.

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Linda Tripp Twitter

Linda is no more in this world. She died a few months ago due to illness.

Linda Tripp Instagram

As She’s died, Instagram removed her official account from its server.


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Linda Tripp FAQ

What Was The Salary Of Linda Tripp Salary?
Linda Tripp was an American civil servant. She was on a seniorpost in White House. She got paid a handsome amount. She was getting salary to $94,098 per annum there.
About What Linda Tripp Book Was?
Linda was working as a secretary in the White House Presidents died on Wednesday at the age of 70 years. She always wanted to write a book. She wanted to expose the Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. She never wrote a book but all it was started from a book proposal named “What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House”.
Who Is Linda Tripp's Son?
Ryan Tripp is the sone on Late Linda. His information is not revealed yet, it seems like highly secret. But all we know is that he has a sister from Linda named “Allison Tripp Foley”.
Who Was Linda Tripp's Husband?
She married Dieter Rausch who was an architect and manager of The Christmas Sleigh.

Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda’s salary was quite good and was very high as compared to her previous job. In this way, she was able to bag a total of forty million U.S dollars. This earning came from both pentagons as well as the white house. After their retirement from her official post, she started her own brand.

Fortunately, she earned quite a lot and so started a new business. Moreover, she started a brand of her own. It was the holiday store named Christmas Slight. Unfortunately, she could not live more and died of an illness termed pancreatic cancer. At the time of her death, Linda Tripp’s net worth was $40M.