Trump Plaza – New Rochelle

Located at 175 Huguenot St. lies Trump Plaza – New Rochelle. It is a 40-story luxury condo located in New Rochelle, New York, and it is an establishment that is no longer run by the Trump Organization after its services were rescinded by the Condo Board in October 2024.

The property is managed by AKAM Associates nowadays, which is a property management service that was established back in 1983, and it is a brand that provides highly personalized, hospitality-led services that deliver a rich residential experience to their customers over the course of years. Today, we will talk about Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, its history, and what it is today. There is a lot to cover, so let us get right into it.

The History and Construction of Trump Plaza – New Rochelle


Trump Plaza, New Rochelle, was built by Cappelli Enterprises, which is the same developer responsible for the construction of the Trump Tower at City Center in nearby White Plains. This was the tallest building in Westchester County at the time, and the tallest building between New York City and Albany before the 44-story, twin-towered Ritz-Carlton hotel in White Plains was opened.

This building was part of a huge downtown redevelopment project that kicked off with the construction of New Roc City back in 1999. This project included Parcel 1A and the Lawton Street Redevelopment block that is known as Le Count Square.

This establishment is located nowadays at 175 Huguenot Street and is built on the 2-acre Parcel 1A site, which is a part of the neighborhood that the city of New Rochelle had sought to redevelop for over 30 years back.

Construction Beginning

trump plaza - new rochelle building

In 2008, Cappelli Enterprises started the development of “Le Count Square,” which was opposite Trump Plaza, which added 1.000.000 square feet of hotel, office, retail, and residential space area. With the development of both Trump Plaza and Le Count Square, Capelli’s total investment in downtown New Rochelle exceeded a whopping one billion USD.

This project was yet another luxury establishment in Trump Hotels’ expansion, and this particular building consists of 138.000 square feet of retail space on two levels at its base. The building is topped with a luxury condominium tower, and it is a true state-of-the-art establishment.

Trump Plaza rises more than 435 feet over downtown New Rochelle, and it is a construction masterpiece that overlooks one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. The retail portion of the project is also linked to New Roc City by an enclosed pedestrian bridge.

Trump Plaza, New Rochelle – Management Change

As the Trump Organization’s property management footprint kept shrinking recently, many condo boards had voted to distance themselves from the former U.S. president’s brand, and the same fate met Trump Plaza in New Rochelle.

The New Rochelle board reached the decision to switch its management agent from the Trump Organization to AKAM, according to a memo to condo owners reviewed by The Real Deal. The change has been effective since October 1st, 2024.

Convenient Locations Around Trump Plaza, New Rochelle


Moving into downtown New Rochelle comes with a wide variety of luxurious and convenient perks, especially if you want to raise your family in this beautiful neighborhood. Here are some handy locations around this establishment.

Shopping Centers

Shoppers will certainly appreciate Trump Plaza New Rochelle’s apartments’ proximity to New Roc City, Southside Plaza, and Palmer Center. New Roc City is just 0.2 miles away from the apartments, while Southside Plaza is around 10 minutes of a walk away.


Trump Plaza residences have very good transit, including ten transit stops within just five miles. Transit options include Eastchester-Dyre Ave and Baychester Avenue, while pedestrians can reach New Rochelle Station in just five minutes of walking.

Parks and Recreation

Recreational activities around Trump Plaza, New Rochelle, are plentiful and attractive. You can discover five parks within less than four miles, including Davenport Neck Bird Sanctuary, Sheldrake Environmental Center, and Ward Acres.


Living in this neighborhood provides easy access to La Guardia, which is located just 25 minutes from Trump Plaza apartments. You can also easily access Westchester County airport, which is located around 18 miles away from the apartments.

Final Words

Although Trump Plaza in New Rochelle switched management, it is still a beautiful and luxurious establishment located in a beautiful and active neighborhood where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities. If you want to find out more about Trump properties, check out our article about Trump Plaza and some of the finest Trump Hotels.